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A poetic interpretation of the novel "1984."
The year is 1984,
At least according to the lore,
For no one knows the month or year.
The Party strives to rule through fear
To mold the masses its own way
Till mindlessly they will obey.

In London, part of Airstrip One,
Big Brother’s watchful eyes miss none.
To speak out against the leader’s a vice
For which you’ll pay an incredible price,
Subjected to your worst nightmare
Until in Big Brother’s vision you share.

Winston, whose job is to doctor the past,
Hates Big Brother, wants change fast.
“Down with Big Brother!” Winston extols.
“Our future’s hope lies with the proles!”
Of course, he can’t talk where he can be heard
By Thought Police who catch every word.

A woman named Julia shares his view;
They fall in love—which is strictly taboo—
Meeting where they seem unseen
By the specter of a telescreen.
O’Brien appears to sympathize,
But that turns out to be a guise.

It’s finally happened; his thoughts are revealed.
In terror, he knows that his fate is sealed.
To the Ministry of Love he is hauled away,
But no love is given him during his stay.
Instead he is tortured and brainwashed until
Big Brother has won by breaking his will.

Now “I love Big Brother!” fills Winston’s head.
Thoughts of rebellion in his mind are dead.
The spirit of Man’s no longer within.
Because of the torture, free will could not win.
Winston was likely the last one to fall.
At last, the Party has won over all.
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