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Rated: E · Fiction · Fantasy · #619493
will the combination of the jewel take place, after 100 years?

Drake walked the dark alley of Terregon. He’s journey has been a long and tedious one. He has been tracking his fathers’ whereabouts for one week now and it has brought him here. He had a vision that he’s father was being held captive and tortured, but the torturer back was towards him and though he tried to look around, he couldn’t see who it is. The dream disturbed him, he’s father would never summon him unless he’s in great danger and after 10 years apart, this is a rare occurrence. He went back to his village a week ago, and was told by the village chieftain that his father left six months ago on a trip to refresh his medicals ointments and gather new ones. He didn’t mention where his destination is and how long he will be gone. Father usually gathers his supplies when the days dawn earlier, and not when darkness is longer than daylight as it is now. However the chieftain did mention that his friend the innkeeper at Terregon met Langthereim Montreal roughly about 5 months ago, which brings him to the land of Terregon. He’s soaking brown coat weigh even heavier on his tired shoulders. He nudge his horse further looking for the inn the Chieftain mention when a few soldiers confront him in a duel, but that ended rather briefly, with their blood on his sword. He couldn’t get much information before slaying them.

They weren’t the taking type anyway.

With the help of a couple and the information he gathered he’s next destination would be ‘Neveryon’, where Markein’s castle lies. The couple informed him that an old man named ‘Sialen’ was popular among the village folks of Mainsey until soldiers of King Markein III took him away. The description of Sialen matches his father; Langthereim Montreal. He now knows why he’s father has been captured and what Markein wants with him. He’s after ‘The Jewel of Nairel’.

Legend has it he recalls, during the dark ages, The Four Great Wizards of Montreal forged the jewel; Nauembrein Montreal, InlandtorMontreal, Remeinesy Montreal and Langthereim Montreal. Hence the name ‘Nairel’. In it they poured all the powers they posses to defend the evil forces that was taking control over mankind. Once peace was restored over the land, the jewel was broken into four equal pieces and given to each wizard for safekeeping from the very mankind it was forged for as their greed for the jewel of power were to no end.

So King Markein III has continued the family legacy by trying to gain possession of the jewel. His father King Markein I was so obsessed with the jewel that, wars were fought to any kingdom that gives or would have given shelter to the Wizard of Montreal. The last battle was fought between the Wizard and the King himself. The King lost the battle by taking a fall into the deep ravine of doom. Peace return to the land. Years pass by and many tried to track down the jewel but all to no vain. Some spent their lifetime searching for ‘Nairel’ in hopes to become as powerful as King Markein I was. No one knows what happen to the four wizards or what has become of the jewel they created. Soon it became a legend that was pass on from generation to generation and has even evolved into a mystery to some that questions it’s existences.

Drake looked at the broken quarter piece that was given by his father when he was just 10 years old. It is a small green emerald stone that had to be set in the center of the inner circle of the amulet unlike the one he has which is at the tip of an triangle shape. The inscriptions are carved on the outer circle of it and written in olden sanskrit wording.Not any wizard can read this language,only those who mastered the language like him.The piece that he has only mention the word 'Nairel'. The jewel caught the rays of the sunlight and it glittered in his hands. He tucked it back into his robe until he felt the coldness of the stone against his chest.

Getting to the castle proved to be difficult without being seen. Every walls, doors and poles had a picture of him and underneath was written in bold capital letter ‘WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE’. The only way he reached into the castle was being in stealth mode. Disguising did cross his mind, however he didn’t find clothes that would match a wizard who is six feet tall, haven’t shaven in days, uncut ruffle jet-black hair and carries a sword. Anyway being in stealth mode he could just walk through the front gate, without inspection. He didn’t have much luck with locating the castle dungeons as he wondered from door to door. He tried contacting his father telephatically, but there was no response, which hasten his speed. He did however, wandered into the castle pantry, stuffed a few fruits and bread into his cloak and wandered on.

Just then he heard echoes of clanking armor on the smooth marble flooring, and moved behind against the wall. Two guards pass by him, leading a man bound by ropes at the wrist.

He trails behind them.

They approach a heavy door made out of stone with a heavy wood barricade against it. The burly guards that were guarding the door pushed it open to reveal a dimly lit staircase that led five feet down to the ground.

It has been two days since he met his father at Markein dungeon cell. His father was weak and could barely move. The little that he could say was to find a guy named Hamish in Shillington and the jewel. He could have just walked through the cell and carried his father out, however the cell itself was protected by a strong spell, which he could not break.

He acquired a few necessities from the castle residences, a shaving blade and white latter, a small hand-held mirror, a change of clothes and pouch bag full of coins. He shaved his 8-month old beard, crop his shoulder length hair up to the ears and change his clothes. He kept his ever-lasting clock as protection against rough weather and as a cover for his hilt. These help him to walk this land more freely and even manage to gather information about the ruler of the land from some friendly villagers.

The journey to Shillington took him two days. He found the guy in a house at the outskirt of Shillington near the Misty forest. After relating the reason he came and how the palace guards want his head, he soon found out that things were more complicated than just breaking the spell to free his father. Hamish has been safekeeping quarter of the Nairel and was told by his uncle Remeisy that one day drake would come looking for it before all the stars are position in a single line. It is prophesied that if all the pieces are joined together at that specific time, whoever posses it will have the power to rule over the whole world.

Drake lean against the big bark of tree that provides shade for Hamish hut from the heat, thinking about the information that he has just gathered from Hamish. There is only a week left before the day of the jewel combination is done, once every hundred years on the 11th day of the 2-month. His journey towards east was not as promising; he had acquired only a second piece of the jewel from Halstrom, deep within the Swamp of Shaint. The King has ordered the search of the jewel and a reward to anyone who brings it to him. This has force them to go into hiding in the most unthinkable places. Unfortunately, he could not save Laungroum families from being slain by Markein renegades. They have managed to acquire a piece of the jewel.

This means that the jewel has been divided between he, Hamish Remeinesy II and Markein, according to Hamish. Markein's renegrades men have the yellow and red coat of arms tatoo on their shoulders like the one he fought at Halstrom. The Castle wizard of 'Neveryon' is said to be the most powerful wizard ever lived and is even feared among his own clan. Rummour has it that Weinten sold his soul to the devil himself to gain knowledge on the dark arts.

Darkness descends quickly on them, however as predicted the full moon emerged from the thin wispy of clouds providing sufficient moonlight for Hamish and his men to carry out their attack. The stars looked extremely bright on the 11th day of the 2nd month drake bemused cynically. They were waiting for their cue, and it came seconds later in a form of an owl hoot. Crossing over the open green space to the rear of the castle, drake signals the others to follow suit. The castle would be heavily protected on Markein order no doubt, but most of the guards would slack in their duty as the Virgin Day Celebration continues on drawing men’s from their houses, shops or duty like the guards that are missing from the rear side of the castle.


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