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by Kenzie
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Our reviews can either inspire another writer or crush their very souls.
A Writer’s Lament
By Marilyn Mackenzie

This morning, I offered encouragement to another writer, and my own words echoed within my mind afterwards. "I don’t think any true writer ever writes anything bad, not if one allows the heart and soul to be the writer of our words."

I believe that! True writers sit with pens poised over their notebooks, or their fingers above the computer keys, waiting for the inspiration within to flow. They allow their thoughts and instrument of writing to become one, and the words that result, often amaze even the writer himself.

Going back over words so inspired takes our very breath away. Knowing that words and thoughts so beautiful were once hidden within our own hearts brings pride in our craft, in our accomplishments. Knowing that those same words are now exposed to the world’s critical hearts often, too, brings fear. Will they understand our heart words?

I wrote more words about writers this week which have also bounced around in my mind ever since. "If you dream of being a writer, you already are one! The words are merely being held prisoner in your mind. Release them!"

I also believe this, that those who dream of being writers already are writers. They just haven’t allowed themselves to put pen to paper to capture the thoughts within their hearts and souls.

Having worked as a newspaper editor, I also know that there are many who write mechanically, and not from their hearts. For factual newspaper articles, that’s not really a problem. Rather than hiring journalism majors, newspapers could save money by having computers create articles, after just plugging in the facts. But for editorials, a connection between the heart and the pen are a necessity! Words which are merely mechanically correct just don’t resonate as well as words that pour, often erupt, from the heart.

We would all do well to remember as we rush to judgment, as we tap excitedly at our own keyboards, that our reviews can either inspire another writer or crush their very souls. For some, that may actually be the motive, for they dislike having competition.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/625816-A-Writers-Lament