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A gothic veiw of The Lord of Time
Lord of Time

Alone he sits in his Hall of Frozen Stone
Ice grows thick on the walls and fog layers the floor
His eyes are brilliant blue, yet cold and without feeling
Before him flows the Rivers of Frost
The River of Past
The River of Present
The River of Future
Scenes of Sadness and Regrate appear in the Waters of Past
Slowly does it flow
It is the deepest of the rivers
Unable to be stopped or reversed
It is as deep as his knowledge
Images of Pain and Hate flow through the Waters of Present
Steadily does it flow
It is the coldest of the rivers
Constant and Cruel, it washes away life and death
It is as cold as his will
Glimpses of Hope and Unknown flash through the Waters of Future
Quickly does it flow
It is the darkest of the rivers
Hollow and Enigmatic, it rushes in the new and change
It is as dark as his heart
He sits on a Throne of Ice
He bears the Hourglass of Time in his left hand
He Grips the Scythe of Death in his right hand
His skin is light blue and his hair is snow white
His robes are tattered and dusty
Their deep purple and blue colors can barely be seen
His beard and hair reach to the floor
His fingernails are long and sharp
He alone controls the Rivers
Only to him do They answer
He is the Prince of Death
He is the Duke of Rebirth
He is the Lord of Time
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