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a poem about child abuse

Somewhere at night, a child cries
alone, no one hears.
She's felt a pain from deep inside
and no one knows her fears.
She dreads the time she know's he'll come,
and destroy her childhood years.

He's been there many times before,
sneaking into her thoughts and dreams.
She thinks he's coming in the door,
and no one hears her screams.
She tries so hard to clear her head,
but nothing helps, it seems.

He's always there, just waiting.
No matter how hard she tries
to make him go away,
she just can't close her eyes.
For when she does, and thinks she's safe,
he comes again. He needs no disguise.

She's been told to talk about him.
To tell her story out loud.
Don't let the control belong to him
stand up, speak out, be proud.
And yet, as much as she wants to win
his strength overpowers her once again,
and somewhere at night, a child cries.

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