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Story of Overseas Workers Family.
lot have been written about our beloved Overseas Filipino Workers. That they suffer so much. That these OFW’s work hard for the future of their loved once. That these people sacrifice for a better life to be given to their families. Some OFW’s going home in a coffin, some ended up in prison and some of them being maltreated. Still, we consider them heroes, they earn dollars for our country and better life for their families.

But inspite of all of these, have anyone tried to ask their families, is this really what they want? Is this really what they need?

Why do a lot of broken marriages occur when a husband or a wife leaves the country to earn big bucks purportedly for their family’s future? Where were the stories of wives being seduced and ending up philandering come from? Why would you leave your family whom you vowed to love and protect?

A song popularized in the 80’s mentioned a father who worked abroad, left with 3 kids and came home with 4 kids in his house. His house abandoned by the wife and went away with another man, his kids addicted to drugs. Is going abroad a real solution, is it the only way?

A good number of Filipinos really wanted to leave the country, for so many reasons. Some justified, some unreasonable. Truth is Filipinos are very well in what ever they do that makes them very much wanted and paid handsomely. Doctors, nurses, engineers, teachers and a lot of professionals go abroad and make a name for themselves, they make all of us proud. But how about their families? Some very lucky once can be brought with the OFW abroad as is part of the compensation package. Well and Good.

But for some who are left here suffering as well. Some felt alone and are vulnerable to being victimized in so many forms.

One Single mother left her teenage daughter and went abroad. She left her daughter in the care of her brother, who is married and with kids. In order for her daughter to leave comfortably and not be a burden to her brother’s family, she made sure money is regularly received by her daughter through a bank, minor as the daughter is she needed a co-signatory for her bank transactions, the co-signatory is the wife of her uncle. The daughter makes sure she does not over-spend so that her mother can go back with enough money and that she will not anymore leave and stay with her. Not knowing that transactions where being done by the co-signatory without the daughter knowing. The next time, the young girl went to the bank, her bank account closed and everything was taken by aunt. When she confronted her uncle and his wife, she was slapped with so many insults and was told that whatever money they got was just a payment for taking care of her.

There are even marriage that when the husband leaves for abroad, when he gets back, could not understand the behaviors of his family. He is alienated and has been accustomed to his life away from his family and always ends up arguing with his family who cannot adjust to him and he cannot adjust with them as well.

Some being hurt because of the money, that others thing they have more than enough. And because of this, if somebody asks them for help and they do not help them keep grudges on them are may hurt them physically. There were even cases of murder against families of OFWs.

Going abroad and dreaming is not a crime, it is not at all bad. But before anyone thinks of working abroad, leaving his family, he should consider all possibilities and all the consequences. Do not forget that your family has rights and should be allowed to say their piece on this issue.
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