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I know it's short, but then dreams usually are..
The Dreamer

The dreamer stirs and she knows he is there.

Her mind whispers his name and it ignites the flame which flickers in reality, waiting for the dream to commence. For this dream, creates reality in its own image.

Her astral being welcomes him to her. Disembodied, their spirits unite in lust and fire. Ghostly moans carried by the breeze stir from within as his tongue lashes out and fills her with a white hot fire. A heat fills the room, though the source cannot be found. Lights flicker and dance in the shadows, unseen by mortal eyes and in the distance their joining calls forth the storm.

Thunder rolls as he penetrates her. Brutally. Desperately. The need to become one is the fuel that drives this spirit. Manipulating the dream she pulls him closer. Her desire beckoning him deeper, the sounds of their union filling her ethereal mind. Their thoughts then uniting, their essence combining. Soon the relentless pounding of his ethereal body into hers threatens to split the heavens, and, as the storm erupts the clash of two impassioned souls split the skies and in that brief instance reality is formed.

As the air clears, the feathers which burst forth from the pillow at her side settle. Smiling.. the dreamer awakens, the feel of cool silk upon her body, and the warmth of the spirit become reality by her side.
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