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by Kings
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I like Jonny but Judy likes him too.

Johny, Judy, And Me.

I like Johny as my boy friend so much,
But Judy is persistent she won't give up.
I hope we two will soon end our rivalry.
Still have a relationship among us three.
Tries to save him a seat on school bus..
Before I know it she's sitting next to us.
We hold hands down the hall we walk.
You carry my books laughing as we talk.
Judy likes Johny but knows he likes me.
Judy wants him as her boyfriend you see.
I can't blame her for liking handsome Johny.
He is so manly with a big muscular body.
Judy always calls Johny on her Cell phone.
Every night when she thinks he is alone.
Judy sends him emails they chats on web.
Knows Johny will tell me and I'll be jealous.
I will tell Judy one more time and forever.
Stop emailing him and don't call him ever.
She did understand my message intent.
She hasn't bothered Johny in anyway since.
Judy likes Johny but knows he likes me.

BY: Kings
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