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by Hamish
Rated: E · Poetry · Environment · #650054
Trusting only what we cannot see.
I look up to the night sky.
A slight wind to unveil the chill that twirls by my side.
The light from the flame illuminating only what I need to see, leaving the rest in my imagination.
The trees reach out as they bellow in the breeze and scream their howls of their lost land.
The seeming dead moon comes alive tonight and shines in the darkness, enveloping the surrounding landscapes with its beautiful glimmer.
I am not to trust my eyes in this haze of fright, nor my ears.
For they will betray me and lead me astray, pulling me into the dark land and change it to make things jump out from the black.
The shadows will become monsters to crawl in my skin and shake me to the bone.
So I trust in the night sky, where I know I cannot be afraid, and return my eyes and ears where they can no longer betray me. To my imagination of the night sky.
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