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by hippo
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I'm a cat called Sweety Cuddles who hates all mankind with the exception of my owner.

My name is Sweety Cuddles
But my friends all call me 'Scud'
I live with 'Mistress Ruddles'
And I'm the local stud !

'Coming Mistress' I do mew
That's what she likes to hear
I rub my face against her shoe
She stoops to tickle my ear.

I am an evil tomcat
That's what the neighbours say
They told my mistress that I spit
And scratch their kids at play.

No human do I ever like
Except my Mistress dear
My favourite pastime's when I strike
Into all locals, fear !

My night begins at half past two
When everyone's asleep
Except us rebel rousers who
Around about do creep.

I meet up with a friend or few
And prowl around for hours
We yowl and howl and loudly mew
And dig up plants and flowers.

When dawn begins to break
It's time to plan my day
Humans start to wake
I begin to play !

Hiding in a bush or tree
Lying quietly in wait
I pounce ! howling like a banshee
As they approach my gate.

Once I've chased them down the street
And terrified the school kids blue
It's past the time for me to eat
Take a nap, see Mistress too.

Mistress R. my special human
Treats me like I'm a King,
She feeds me fish and chicken
'Thank you' I say, purring.

I've lived with her a long time
We're both long in the tooth,
To think of life without her
Hurts deep and that's the truth.

I'm over 15 years of age
In human terms that's young,
But to a moggy just like me
I'm way over the ton !

Sometime, we'll leave each other
That time's not far away,
But loving her the way I do
We'll meet again, one day.

I bet you never realised
How much fun it could be
To have a fluffy pussy cat
To sit upon your knee.

Based on a true-life cat called Aggro, who, only 3 days after finishing this poem died on 22nd July 2003.

This is his story (with poetic license)and a tribute to him.
His character and special love toward me will remain with me for the rest of my days.

I was there when he was born on June 12th 1988 and watched him grow into an aptly named cat.

Goodbye 'Aggie', thank you for being such a wonderful companion for such a long time. I miss you, but will never forget you and your antics.

From Mistress Ruddles alias Soozie Porteous 23rd July 2003
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