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An entry for the " Dynamic Dialogue Contest" by Jessiebelle
"Hello, sweetheart, my name is Mojo, and I come from a land far, far away."

"Hello, Mojo, how did you come to me?"

"On my chariot, of course, Maggie!"

"Oh! I was hoping to see a beautiful fairy, and not a bearded man like you."

"Okay, so tell me, what is it that made you summon me?"

"Summon you? Oh, you mean in the dream I had yesterday night?"

"Was it a dream, or are you dreaming now?"

"I don't know, and I don't care! Perhaps you are the right person to help me."

"Of course, I am, just tell me what you desire."

"Nothing much.I just wish that the pain would go."

"Pain? Are you sick?"

"Yes. Don't you know?"

"No, they never told me that! (They just said, get her to us.)"

"Didn't they? I mean, did you not read the letter I wrote to God a week ago?"

"Letter? God?"

"Yes, I did write a letter to Him, telling Him all about the mysterious disease I am having, and about the pain..."

"Ah, yes, the pain. I remember something He said about little Maggie having pain in her ...was it bones, or tummy?"

"Bones... I mean, my arms, my legs, and my hips all hurt a lot. Mom gives pills almost four times a day."

"I see. All right, I can help you ease the pain."


"You must do all that I tell you. Will you?"


"First of all, you must give me a big smile."

"A big smile?"


"Okay... here goes. Is that big enough for you?"

"Umm, let's see. Hmm...looks okay, but could we try making it look even bigger?"

"I can try, but Mojo, it's not so easy, for I know I am dying."

"Dying? Whatever made you think that?"

"I know, because Dad once told me that fairies and magicians are not for real, and only appear to be so to sleeping or dying people."

"Do I look like a fairy?"

"No, but neither do you look a simple person to me."

"Simple, I am not, agreed. But then, nor are you. You look so beautiful. Why, you look like a fairy yourself!"

"Me, a fairy? Why, sir, can't you see my thin body, my almost bare head, my cracked and pale lips.."

"Hush, hush! You sure have a long tongue for a ten year old!"

"I am not ten. I am eight. I turned eight just a week ago, on 17th March."

"Well, well, well, I sure thought you were ten! Did you say, 17th March?"

"Yes, why?"

"That, my dear, is St. Patrick's Day!"

"I know that. Mom told me all about him."

"Do you know who St. Patrick was?"

"I guess. Mom said he taught about God and Jesus with the help of three leaved shamrocks. Is that right?"

"Yes, that is right. Now this here is a shamrock with four leaves. See it, feel it."

"Wow, it sure is. What is the fourth leaf for?"

"The fourth leaf, my child is for goodness and kindness. It's something a child like you always has in herself."

"And is goodness and kindness... God?"

"Pretty much, yes. For, if you had a lot of goodness and kindness within you, God would love you all the more, and would love meeting you as soon as possible, don't you think?"

"Oh, I know, what you are saying is, I must die."

"No, no, you misunderstand me. God can meet you anyplace. Even here, right here... on earth."

"You mean, here?"

"Yes, here. Only, you won't see His face. You'll feel His presence, and see a very strong light, and perhaps a gentle sound of laughter."

"Laughter? Does God laugh often?"

"Only when He is happy."

"And would I make him happy?"

"Yes, you most certainly would, Maggie."

"Then I should certainly like to see Him."

"You will, in a moment. Let me lift you up and move my hands over your painful limbs."

" Okay. Oh, wow, your touch is so...loving, and I already feel better."

"That's nice. Now, just close your eyes, and feel God's presence."

"Okay. Hmm... it's so beautiful. I can see a lovely Garden, with beautiful flowers, colored birds, and ..."

"Don't say anything. Just feel Him. Can you feel him?"

"I can feel the most wonderful touch all over me. Is it Him? God?"


"I am feeling fine now. No pain at all. You have eased my pain totally."

"I have, haven't I?"


"Now look around you. Open your eyes, slowly."

"Okay, here goes. My, my, what a strong light!!"

"What else do you see?"

"I see...my father, crying!"

"Crying. Where?"

"There, down below..."

"Yes, so he is."

"And look there, Mojo, it's me...in a...in a...casket!"

"It's only a dream. Don't believe that."

"You promised me that you would ease my pain. It seems you have done more than that. You have taken me away from my family."

"It's for your own good, my child."

"My own good? My own good? Dear Sir, I'll have you know that my own good lies in me being out there with my family, and not here, having a chance at viewing Almighty God."

"Are you serious? I mean, I am taking you to Heaven. It's the most beautiful place in the Universe."

"You are lying. My mother's lap is the most beautiful place in the Universe."

"Not so. Let's go."

"No, I am definitely NOT leaving them. So there. I won't mind if you undo that magic, and I am in pain all over again, but I WILL NOT trade personal comfort for my parents and my family."

"I can't believe this. You called me to ease your pain, yet you want the pain back?"

"I don't know what I want, and what I don't. Please go away. I am sorry I called you."

"No my child, I am sorry. You win, I lose. You are now cured. Go back to your parents. They need you more than God. You need them even more. I release you of the pain and of the disease. Good-bye. It was a privilege to know you. You are free to go."

"Thanks, Mojo. Good-bye to you too. Fare well, and pass on my respects to Him."

"I will, bye."


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