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Gigi Cherri is a girl, who knows too much about her boyfriend's death.
Character: Gigi Cherri-an 18 year old teen
Setting:her room writing in your diary.

Gigi:(talking while writing) Dear Diary,
All day they talked about his death. It filled the heads of everyone. I know I can't bring him back now. They just found his body, even though he had died a week ago. I remember burying him. The day hunts me at night even when I am awake.
On that day, I was mad at him, because he was my boyfriend and stood me up again. Then told me he was breaking up with me. I heard the rumors. I felt the shame as I walked down the halls. I even saw it in his eyes. I just couldn't handle it.(starting to crying)I told him to just leave and I called him names, but he just kept on coming closer. I pulled out my scissors and threatened to kill him. (crying louder) He just happen to come closer.(laughing though her tears) he never could listen to me. In a flash, he was gone.(drying her eyes and stop crying) He was gone. I saw people look at me again. This time it was pity. I felt it all down my neck.
Before this, I was popular. I was Gigi Cherri, homecoming queen. (smiling) I even wish I could go back to that time now, but I can't.
I can't tell this to anyone. I'll have to bury this. If I don't, I could never live the normal life I want.(looking somber) Why couldn't you listen, you dumb...oh what does it matter. You deserve to be dead. You two-timed me. Then you broke up with me and tried to put your arms around me. So I would forget about what you done and make me want you all over again? I'm glad (angry) I'm glad that you are dead. I washed my hands of your blood, flesh and of your bubble promises. You are so dumb. I was going to tell you something so important too. Now what shall I tell our child. I see, you got what you wanted and you tried to free yourself of me, well burn in hell, and take everything else with it.
(She closes the book and grabs a lighter. She runs outside and makes a bonfire.)
Gigi: This is to you (stressing it) Sweetheart.
(She inhaled and slowly exhaled looking into the flame. She was close enough to feel the heat and allowed herself to let a tear escape. Taking one last glance at the book, she threw it into the fire. )
Gigi: Rest in HELL. (After she saw the pages turn to ashes, she threw water on the flames and walked into the house without looking back.)

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