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by Tess
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This is a dream I had with a message from the dead to the living.
Grahm Kate was a highly evolved soul, who, in life, cared for people, was very religious and prayed for everyone, eventually making this her career. She was a professional pray-er. She passed away a few months before I had this dream of her, where I believe she tried to send me some comforting information for a distant relative. This is what happened:

My dream began with me being in a small room, one I did not recognize. In the room that I was observing, was a woman sitting on the edge of a bed, with her head bowed in her hands, weeping. I didn't know who she was.
Then a beautiful being of golden light floated into the room. She was bright and diaphanous, and glowed from some internal light. There was a sense of peace and beauty around her, even though I could not see any facial features or expression.
I somehow knew it was my grandmother Kate. I don't know how I knew this; I just did.
This being began to speak to me, though there were no actual words exchanged. I felt what she was saying. The message was exchanged telepathically. It was this:

"Death is nothing to be afraid of. Please tell her - tell her to stop crying and be at peace. I will be waiting to greet her on the other side."

That was the end of the dream. I woke up with the conviction that I should DO something; give whomever was crying, this message. But I did not know who my Grahm was talking about.
Eventually I found out, but it was too late to deliver the message. Appareantly, a great aunt, related to me distantly, but someone whom Grahm knew, was ill and put into a nursing home. Her daughter told me that for the weeks before her death, all she could do was cry, because she was so fearful of the future and her own immenant death.
I think the room where my dream took place was the nursing home room, and the crying woman my great aunt.
How I wish I had investigated more, to try to find this woman whom I was supposed to comfort with Grahm's message. This is a lesson, to never discount any information we are given in our dreams, no matter how unimportant or hard to understand they may seem at the time!
I am sorry to say that I have never once dreamed of Grahm Kate again! Perhaps if the first message is not understood, or acted upon, more will not follow?
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