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a poem and a thought...
I've got a pair of them.
So do you.
Are you aware of their
opposing points of view?

It takes two to twiddle,
but just one to hitch.
If we shake, we can war
(you sonofabitch)

If I point them both up,
something went right
If I point them both down,
then maybe not quite.

Cry-babies suck'em,
Losers sit-n-spin.
If we didn't have thumbs,
What a mess we'd be in!

It occurred to me the other morning that having thumbs is a really cool thing. Try holding a cup of coffee without one. Or turning a doorknob. Or using a key in a lock. I think the thing I like best about thumbs is that you can put one on the end of your nose and waggle your other fingers at somebody. It's some form of mild insult. I do it to my kids all the time. It's fun and more socially acceptable than flipping someone the bird.

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