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by Joy
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A fairy tale in verse
Shimmers in air, on a charming day, fairies bade,
when natural order was delicate in the glade.

Aster Belle, Poppy Pix, Camellia Dew,
Fire Lily, Lotus Leaf, and Lacey Blue,

to Amaranth they said, "Please, don't be bitter,
but your sister Fritter's the runt of the litter.

As trustworthy as Mother Nature is,
in Fritter's case, she sure did miss.

Fritter is so tiny, looks underfed for sure,
so meek, weak, scrawny, possibly there's no cure."

Amaranth, taken aback, whispered, "Ladies! Hush!
Just smell the flowers, but not the underbrush.

Fritter, a young thing now, will prove herself, you'll see,
very soon, in this kingdom, as one gifted fairy.

That Hathor from Egypt, to Isis he had sworn,
this was his prediction when Fritter was born.

But, let's not waste time with will be or will not be.
Now next, on the agenda of our committee..."

"I mulled over the list," barged in Poppy Pix.
"Good thoughts and well wishes are in a fix.

They seem to evaporate traceless in air;
they are lost, gone forever, this is not fair."

"There's a way," Fire Lily flapped her wings.
"We'll snatch and tie them with love-strings.

Ever so safely, then, we'll store them in a vault;
we'll ask for a sentry to guard them without fault."

"A sentry... Who could that be? A giant or man?"
"I know, I know, I know, let's ask that Shepherd Pan."

"Send Fritter," said Lotus Leaf, "If she is not too brittle;
in Pan's heart's a soft spot for the young and the little."

But a daemon named Gurge overheard fairies' plan;
right away he shifted shape into that of Pan.

When Fritter flew near, he smiled with ease,
"Sweet Little Fairy, ask me what you please."

"Oh, Dear Sir," Fritter begged, "I'm sent for your sentry
of a vault of precious gems; so there'll be no entry.

Well wishes and good thoughts, they're our precious gems;
without them, from us chaos and sorrow stems.

A storage safe and sure before they are gone..."
"Say no more," the daemon groaned. "Consider it done."

"Thank you kindly, Sir." Yet, she thought, "So strange!
I would never expect to see such a change.

They told me Pan would be mischievous and tricky.
But, what a surprise, he wasn't even picky!"

So daemon Gurge and his pet, the goblin Barghest,
grabbed the keys to the vault and took fairies to test.

They undid love's strings and pocketed the loot,
as if dread fired up then descended the soot.

Well wishes helped evil through dire acts;
good thoughts eclipsed into scandalous facts.

Fairies got ticked off, Fritter was scolded;
Tears came down in floods, tiny wings were folded.

Amaranth's face was red, but the Fairy Queen
cut in. "Cures are there for all ills that I have seen.

In my reign when times are testy, a cherub,
comes down, if notified, to join our club.

To send her a word, I again assign Fritter
She'll fly high through sizzling stars with no jitter.

Only she, a tiny one, can slip through glitter;
among you, as you see, no one else is fitter."

She soared high, though prickly heat scorched Fritter's cheeks,
through ice, through blaze, through lost comet streaks.

She bravely went through, holding up her chin,
struggled to breathe; almost she could not win.

She collapsed at Cherub's door in a heap of glitter,
"Your Highness, please, help us; down there, it's bitter."

Her last words spoken, her mission was complete;
The scrawny little one lay dead at Cherub's feet.

Cherub banished Gurge away to underworld's edge
Then to the fairy queen, she uttered this pledge.

"Fritter, as your fairy, was loyal, on the go,
Her seat's now near me as my angel CEO.

She'll be the one to see if you're in trouble;
when needed, to your realm, she'll come on the double."

She had to scoop Fritter up; Cherub rushed to Heaven,
to breathe life into her, counting to seven.

Fritter, a wee fairy, faded, as in dreams seen;
She wears a halo now and tiny angel's sheen.

Gurge exiled forever by the cherub's feat,
Barghest was left behind on haunches of defeat.

A well wish or a good thought, if it ever strays,
probably surrenders to barking-Barghest's ways.

But the fairies are all around and so is Angel Fritter.
Well wishes and good thoughts sweeten any critter.

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