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Mama Why?

Mama Why?
Mama Why did'nt you tell me about men?
Why did'nt you tell me they could be so cruel?
Mama Why did'nt you tell me they would rape you and exploit you?
You did'nt tell me they would beat you, shrink you even at six months pregnant.

I never knew... how could I, the warning , the training never came about.
Mama I did not know he would put a gun to my head or hunt me down with rifle in hand.
Ounce for ounce, pound for pound it was cake for them them.

Did I really have to suffer three broken ribs and third degree burns on 90% of my face?
All the while living in a dungeon made in hell.
Misplaced, displaced then replaced all by the age 17. Because you never dared to tell me about men.
I remember you were battered too.

Why Mama why did'nt you tell me? Society had treated our men so visciously. They now turn it around, treating us like society. You should have, could have learned from your experiences, your mistakes; but all you did was sweep them under the rug. Never talking about it as if it never happened. Creating delayed instant replay.

Well mama... it did!! It happened to me!!
Why did you allow history to repeat itself. Leaving me to fight your fight and mine, my inherited struggles, because you never bothered to to check this revolution within and out of our society?
Mama can't you see this spirit had taken hold of my brotherss, your sons.

Is there no God! this vicious cycle going on repeatedly.
Why mama Whyyyyy? Didn't you tell me about men?

Therefore, I had to take matters into my hands, a survival instinct. I nearly killed him.
Who would sentence a woman condemned?

Why didn't you tell me men had forgotten how to treat a lady, their womb-man?
Overlooking slighting their own flesh, leaving me tore up from the floor up.

But a wind of change has blown and the tide has shifted all creation moanth and groanth, our universe is off balance.

These signs shall follow, no more tolerance, such treatment will not suffice.
Man and Womb-man was created to rule in this God given world. The spirit now speaks... the kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it back by force.

Look Mama no hands, I have fought back your fight
as well as mine. The inherited curse has been broken; no more battered broken womb-man here or here.

Mama Why did'nt you tell me I would have to fight like this?
Peace does not stand still.

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