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It is a beautiful and deadly place.

Molly was looking at a book. She had found it in a box in the back of the old book store. It was so dusty that she could not see the title. Finally getting enough dust off the book. It said Erdwood and nothing else. Opening the book to the first page found that there was nothing on that page. Flipping through the pages seeing nothing on them. Well that is wierd she thought to her self. Flipping back to the first page about to shut the book. That is when she saw writting appear on the page.

It said welcome one and all to the wonders of the erd. Come and see how marvelous is the wood.

Slowly a picture formed under these words. A scene at the edge of a forest. With a river flowing by in the back ground. She is wondering what is going on. What in the world is an erd? And with that thought the book began to glow she was sucked into the book. The book snapped closed after she was in.
Molly fell onto something soft. The eechie was not very happy to have been interrupted. While gathering up goldenberries for the pie she was going to make. Look here you don't go about jumping on eechie's.
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