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More about molly's adventure in erdwood.
The eechie looked kinda like a bear but with out the claws. Had hands instead( well closely resembled hands). Can you tell me where I am asked Molly? You are in the drerd woods near the town of Hodgol. Where are you from asked the eechie? A far away place answered molly. My name is Molly what is your name? I am called dergugle. Would you like to come and have lunch with me asked dergugle? Yes that would be very nice thank you. Come you can help me pick more goldenberries. What are these berries you are talking about asked Molly? They are very yummy mmmm. But you have to be careful when you pick them. Stay away from the flowers if that part opens you are as good as dead. We have not found a cure for the poison it produces.

Ok i'll remember stay away from the flowers. Soon they had enough berries for a couple of pies. My home is not far from here says Dergugle. Follow me and don't stray from this path. There are alot of things in the woods that you would not want to face. We don't get your kind here much. What do you mean my kind asked Molly?

Well that is all for today kids.

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