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by Kender
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The prolouge - chapt.1 to my work-in-progress pheonix.
In the beginning the world was dark. All that could be seen was black. Suddenly there was a sound like wind in the trees, and then the four elements appeared. These were: Fire,Water,earth(who also had the power of plants), and wind.

All four found something to create in a world not completed.

Wind for his part, thought that world was too dark for a world of good, and therefor created light.

Earth saw that all was too BORING and created mountains, forests and all other realms.

After the plants started to die of thirst, earth begged water to create something to help. So water created the weather as well as all bodies of water.

Fire saw all the lard that was left on the ground from the creation and wondered what would happen if he burned it. He did and life came out of the ashes.

So all the element ascended to the heavens and founded a kingdom there.

After a thousand years of new souls being created for new bodies, Fire grew tired of the gathering of old souls in his part of the kingdom.

Therefore he told them to go into new bodies instead of new souls, or reincarnate them.

And so the unmortals, as they liked to be called, as they were immortal in years but not in battle, finished the world.

Chapter 1
What the...! Alarms had been ringing all morning. So far five minuets. Fire ran to Waters portion of the heavenly kingdom.

"Whats going on?!"

"I only just got news myself. Appearently a troop of humans and manaricks has stormed all but the sacred fortress and element sanctuaries."

To be completed.
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