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by Shaara
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What if a crime victim's testimony is so boring, that you yawn?
Paint Me a Scene Contest: car jacking through dialogue: First Place (245 words)


My Car Was Stolen

         “Exactly what was in the car when the teenagers broke in and car jacked it?" the policeman asked.

         My brain cells were working overtime, but I shut my eyes and concentrated. “OK,” I said. “A plastic spoon I had just used to eat my McDonald’s sundae was lying on the passenger’s seat next to the bag containing the wrappings of my hamburger and fries. There were two empty ketchup packets in it and a used napkin. On the floor was my old broken black umbrella. Its rib was fractured, but it still worked, so I kept it there for emergencies. Oh, and this is embarrassing. . .” (I think I blushed and nervously I kicked a pebble on the road’s edge. It hit the policeman. I apologized.)

         “Yes," the policeman said, sounding extremely irritated. “Go on. What is it you don’t want to say?”

         I started to kick another pebble and then remembered what had happened the first time. “Uh, it’s just that next to the broken umbrella, there’s a sock with a hole in the toe. I was going to toss it out, but . . . ”

         “I see. I think I have enough for the report,” the man interrupted.

         I sighed, knowing that I’d bored him to tears. I never got to tell him about the basket of clean clothes sitting on the back seat. Do you suppose I should have mentioned it? I think there were three shirts – one white and two gray, a pair of . . . ”

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