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My personal favorites here on Writing.Com!
Over the years, I've run across some items that have stuck in my brain. So I'm transferring them from my brain to yours and hopefully you'll like them too! Every favorite I award with a yellow ribbon...eventually! (Hey, GPs don't grow on trees!)


This author is very good at explaining things! He's also packed full of valuable information!
Sardine Sandwiches and Whales  [E]
About Points of View Featuring a Lactose Intolerant Grilled Cheese Sandwich
by ♥HOOves♥

Ever been told "show don't tell?"
Taming the 'Telling' Dragon.  [13+]
Three easy ways to remove telling from your writing. All genres.
by Jaren is Avarielle

Autism is a rapidly growing diagnosis. One author tries to see the positives.
The Advantages of Autism  [E]
Autism has its advantages! A light look at the subject from one mom's point of view.
by winklett

The US Welfare system needs an overhaul.
Dear Sir  [18+]
This was written for all of us who have troubles and sometimes need help. This is a blog.
by morelin


I'm a big Lord of the Rings fan, and this just cracks me up every time I read it!
The Fellowship Of The Wing  [13+]
A short parody of the Lord of the Rings
by W.D.Wilcox

This comedy is full of plays on words and dark humor. The author incorporates himself and the script, making it more funny! You have got to read it.
Hungry Ever After  [18+]
mine...all mine
by Thumbsucker

Hmmmm...Cemetary Golf...you have GOT to read this! It's great!
Golfetery  [13+]
You can take it with you.
by JonBBell

I had to flush my toilet and play the piano at the same time to find out...
Most Toilets Flush in E-Flat  [E]
“Most toilets flush in E flat”-- Musically speaking, this useless fact may have a point.
by Joy

Another sitire...
And Now, Your Horrorscope  [18+]
A satirical look at horoscopes. Have you read yours?
by Madame Momerath

This one happens to be true too...keep your shirt on.
The Hot Tub- (441 words)  [13+]
A mom relaxes in the hot tub with her daughters. Perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon
by Flip~is back

The title says it all...
A Man and his Beard  [13+]
This is a little comedy bit on the realationship a man has with his beard.
by Delamar Ash


 The Boredom of Existence  [13+]
The very sun seemed to mock me, refusing to offer any help.
by Inyri Kajiiren


This cat had quite a shock.
Lucifer Mewel  [ASR]
Nocturnal adventures under the harvest moon - Short Shots winner
by Acme ~ 10 year WdC Anniversary


If you like stories with twists, you are going to love these stories by the same author. They are both delightfully surprising!
A psychiatrist has a shocking encounter with one of his patients.
by Donkey Hoetay

Migdalia and The Life of Julian  [13+]
A girl wants to keep her father alive long enough for him to deliver an important speech.
by Donkey Hoetay

This one has a great twist to it. I was thinking about it for hours after I read it!
Waking Up  [13+]
a honeymoon she never planned, a life she never wanted
by Terpsichore, ubertanzen

This one I read a long time ago, and forgot to save it. I had to go searching for it. I love the ending, especially.
Two Sentences on a Postcard  [ASR]
The realization came in Austria; the turning point, in Ireland...
by Emily

This drama is one I could relate to in ways and held my attention to whole time.
The Revival  [13+]
..and God touches the sinners deeper than the saints…
by Maharani, period.

The Jump  [E]
A moment of time suspended in air
by W.D.Wilcox


It takes a lot for a poem to stick in my mind. Most are so abstract, or written in a way that's so personal, I don't know what they are talking about.
This poem was one written for the Writer's Cramp Contest. It did not win, but it was my personal favorite.
Our Journey Upward  [E]
Death allows us to see the true vision of the rainbow.
by Shaara

This is another written for the Writer's Cramp, about an Irish Summer. It's absolutely beautiful and put me right there in the middle!
Sestet for an Irish Summer  [E]
Natural Ireland in mid-Summer
by deemac

Beautifully written and you can really feel what the author is expressing here.
Regrets  [ASR]
Are choices made by chance, or fate ~ an etheree written for "What's Your Line?"
by Kate ~ Writing and Reading ^_^

You have GOT to read this. You'll be surprised.
Complete Seduction  [13+]
Free verse poem of seduction.
by Diane

A collection of poems based on history...
Therein All the Honor Lies  [ASR]
Originally three poems, but this seemed better. What price victory?
by C. Powell

A brand new favorite describing a woman using the four seasons. It captured me!
She Is....  [E]
Poem. Compares knowing a girl to all four seasons.
by Icanterbareback

More Poetry I like:

Children in the snow  [E]
This is a poem I wrote about the first snow fall of the year

A Higher Call  [E]
Regardless of your politics, they deserve respect.
by Puckit33


This is the low down from StoryMistress herself on all the sneakiness that went into StoryMaster proposing to her! This is a story you don't want to miss! I was witness to the event, and my jaw is still dropped!
I Never Saw It Coming  [13+]
Caught off guard by the one I love...
by The StoryMistress

This Novella in progress is based on truth - a soldiers experience in Iraq.
 Lost in Baghdad, a novella  [18+]
After his convoy is destroyed, Jack must survive alone.
by MadMan at Large

A good laugh at what parents go through! Simple camping trip? Never.
S'more good, clean, harmless fun.  [18+]
raising children
by SonofDrogo

Yes...I think I have...but now I have an excuse!
Have You Lost Your Mind?!  [E]
Mom's can be very distracted, but that doesn't mean they've lost their mind...
by Sherri Dodd


Why don't you recommend me a read?


This dramatic short story will shock you and give you hope at the same time.
Black Ice  [GC]
A vet relives 31 January, 1968
by SonofDrogo

Sad but a real eye opener...
The Promise  [13+]
The distinct clickety-clack of an approaching train heralded the arrival of our destiny
by Shannon


This forum has weekly auctions of siggys! The prices are very reasonable, because not many people know of the forum yet. The GPs go for upgrades!
The Image Shop  [E]
Always new images Rotating In! Check out the 4 Galleries from the Original Image Shop!
by catty


A peek at the REAL Thumbster  [18+]
You supply the reading. I'll supply the writing.
by Thumbsucker

The White Board  [18+]
For meandering thoughts, and mindful walks...
by Fyn: dragon-slayer!

Life Happens  [GC]
Life happens, ready or not.
by Diane


Most of the madlibs I do don't turn out right. This is one that I did that turned out incredibly funny. Maybe it was good luck on my part, or maybe it was because the author did a good job of setting it up. I recommend trying it.
Roaming Through Rivendell  [13+]
A mystical dream leaves you in Rivendell, what will happen when you wander through?
by Aiken4LOTR


I don't give ribbons on the In & Outs (sorry). The content is constantly changing. But here are a few that I have a lot of fun with.

Entertainment at its best....

What's Last is First  [18+]
Use the last word of the previous sentence to start the next sentence!
by CactuarJoe

Fortunately/Unfortunately  [13+]
Alternate optimistic/pessimistic posts
by deemac

Poetic Insanity  [13+]
Complete the previous line and enter part of a new line of poetry...
by deemac

 Ninja Facts  [18+]
A random collection of humorous Ninja Facts. Add yours here!
by MadMan at Large


This used to be my own activity, but I have turned it over to new ownership. However, it is for sure a favorite!
Secret Pal Initiation Room  [E]
Join the group that is full of surprises and fun, one month at a time!
by Cloud9 is rising up

I keep coming back to this contest, especially when having a case of writer's block. This contest is unique because it offers daily writing prompts!
The Writer's Cramp  [13+]
Write the best POEM or STORY in 24 hours, win 10K GPs!
by Sophy

Even if you aren't into horror, this contest is one that you could enter. It gives an ordinary thing to include in your story. A nice challenge, and you have a whole month to write!
Ordinary Horrors Contest  [E]
Special technology round - the object of horror is an electronic device.
by Diane

Another by the same member. I've been amazing by the entries.
 Micro-Fiction Contest  [NPL]
Write a Micro-fiction story about a romantic moment.
by Diane


 The Happy Birthday Collection  [E]
10 Wonderful ways to say Happy Birthday! Send up to 5 C-Notes for only 300 GP's!
by catty

Natural Beauty - Variety Collection  [E]
Classy cNotes w/ Original Photography: birthday, get well, sympathy & more!
by The StoryMistress


The Confused Monkey Signature Shop  [E]
Unique, inexpensive signatures for you or a friend.
by Rhoswen - Relentless Victory

-CLOSED-Fantastical Forsaken Sig Shoppe   [ASR]
Closed until further notice.
by § Forsaken §

Elegant cNote Shoppe  [E]
Choose from 60+ cNotes - Welcome to WDC, Happy Birthday, Holidays, Just a Note, and more.
by Ladyoz


There are certain authors that I consistently love to read. No matter the genre or subject - they just have something about their writings that I love. I usually can't choose a favorite work of theirs, because I like them all. I encourage you to visit their ports. You won't be disappointed.

Donkey Hoetay
Kate ~ Writing and Reading ^_^
C. Powell
Zoo - Salted and Roasted
The Milkman
Colin Back on the Ghost Roads
Flip~is back
Fyn: dragon-slayer!

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