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by Bernie
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A collection of Registered authors and their pieces.
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Below is a list of Registered authors who are also listed with an item or two from their portfolio. If you would like to nominate someone for this list or would like to see yourself on this list or have another item for an author already on this list, please email me. *Smile*

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*Note1* psychoticelf
         "Invalid Item
         "Invalid Item

*Note1* A. G. Williams
         "Station at Night [E]

*Note1* Stefanie
         "The alien village [13+]

*Note1* silverknight
         "Long Gone Love [E]
         "Old Souls [E]

*Note1* JinX
         "Into the Light [18+]

*Note1* teardrop
         "Everything [E]

*Note1* In terrorem
         "The Life of A Lab Rat [ASR]
         "Gunshy Suicide [13+]

*Note1* crys
         "Invalid Item

*Note1* Star ♥
         "Every Now and Then [ASR]

*Note1* sockerchick

         "If Only I Knew... [E]

*Note1* Lady Lily
         "Whisper Hill [13+]
         "Chapter Two [ASR]

*Note1* Meathead Angel of Darkness
         "The Devil Lies [ASR]
         "Shadow People [13+]

*Note1*Nora Wilde
         "Reality [18+]
         "My Grandmother [E]

         "Beautiful lended hand [E]
         "Childrens games [13+]

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If you're on this list, feel free to add this to your signature! It's shareable, so you don't have to upload it to your portfolio. *Smile*

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