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by *Mel*
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What happens to you when your past & secrets become overwhelming
Last Dance

Eternal gallows of heartache,
Slaying a lifeless soul;
As you're dragged into the darkness
And plunging deep into a hole.

Screams that split the endless night
With their echos looming by,
And the whispers that you swallowed,
When you learned how to cry.

Your silence grows like cancer,
Leaving everything to chance;
After one more fateful leap
When you approach that final dance.

Succumbing to those endless depths
From deep within you call.
Your restless dreams are shattered,
Reduced to shadows on the wall.

Longing for those eagle wings,
To carry you up high.
Wishing for that unknown freedom,
For a chance to touch the sky.

Beliefs that others can't believe
And the truth you're running from;
Because your past, it haunts you,
Wishing tomorrow'd never come.

Forever undreneath the stars
Knowing you could never hold,
The dreams you've always longed for
In a future that's untold.

Your soul, it turns to darkness
From secrets binding you to shame,
And your tears like silent raindrops fell
When tomorrow never came.

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