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For the fanfic "Harry Potter and the Princess of the Magi"
I am the sorting hat can't you see?
There is nothing else I could possibly be!
From my floppy point to my tatty brim,
and all the way through to my old frayed trim.

For I have been around for hundreds of years,
placed on students heads where I whispered in ears
Since the beginning I've known my job well, to find you a house in which to dwell.

To go to Hufflepuff where you find good friends,
who look after each other right through to the ends.
Or maybe in Ravenclaw you will be, but only if you're as wise as me

You will be in Slytherin if its power you seek,
a place that never has been for the weak.
Or in brave Gryffindor if you are bold,
their pride and courage will never ever fold

So come on now and don't despair,
I shall find your talents and hidden flair
To put you on the path from where your sat
For I am the one, the only, sorting hat!
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