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by hippo
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Ode to my favourite fast food place
Ode to my favourite fast food

My taste buds start to tingle
I am just like Pavlov's dog
Today I'll have a smallish treat
No need for a sialagogue.

But I might just have some extra
Pickle, bacon, cheese and relish,
Maybe…….a small tortilla
My meagre platter, would embellish.

Two blocks away and I sense
My need will not be assuaged
I'll need more than a pound of mince
My craving to disengage.

I'm pulling into the drive-in
I still haven't made up my mind
I really could do with an aspirin
And five minutes to unwind.

Now is the moment of truth
I've gotta make doubly sure
I order what I really want
Or I'll only be back for more !

OK……..so here we go
My heart is all a flutter
Two before me then I order
With those words I love to mutter.

A Double Bacon Cheeseburger
With the extras I mentioned before
A Chocolate Milk-shake and some French Fries
……..I'm not finished…….I need more !!!

I'll take home a Chicken Royale
Washed down with an ice-cold Coke
And one of those magical Ice-creams
Into which my tongue can poke !

What about the family ?……….
I hear you say in my ear
Well………they will be none the wiser
It's a good job they're not here !

You may say that is greedy
But it's just that I can't stay away
From the wonderful foods on offer
In Burger-King every day.

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