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Writer's Cramp entry/ nod to Elfquest™.
Among unearthly forests where fine, foreign wildflowers thrive,
musky troll caves echo bees, & honey-bears devour heavy hives.

When dusk reveals two moons: slices clean from lemon pie,
emerging elves flit branch to trunk; Father Tree is watchtower, alive.

A huntress young flies running, desperate as the fleeing white-tailed doe
aware of nothing but the now - the need, this hour, to survive.

Behind her runs a human, waving violent-fire on a massive club
chasing fragile elf with hate, a cyclone-driven thunder shower’s drive.

He presses panicked prey unwitting to the edge of vast-sea’s broken cliffs;
Her death ensured, she howls defiant. Brave and graceful is her dour dive.

* This poem is inspired by and based in the world of the Elfquest™ graphic novels, copyrighted by Richard and Wendy Pini. Go to elfquest.com and prepare to be enraptured!
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