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In my form Two Sixes
I do ask this;
why do you glance my way?
You can be so immature,
and you can be so beseeching.
Nonetheless, I know you seek
me every single day.

It never occurred to me
until you wanted to borrow a book.
I was kind and allowed you,
for I thought nothing of it.
When I noticed you turned away your friends,
I then knew you were hooked.

From there, it moved
to another academic class.
I moved my seat which happened
to be near you.
Then, you started to glance,
and I wouldn't let that pass.

After that, it became
at best an obnoxious routine.
At worst, it was a
beginner's form of stalking.
You, I know, were ready to get dirty,
but I wanted to stay clean.

You beg of me for
things I don't approve.
You demand my attention,
and you're often devious.
Understanding I don't like you
and laying off is advice I'd behoove.

What you demand is a thing
I can't tolerate.
You crave more than dates: my mind,
my body, my soul, much more than I'd give.
If you ever grow, I make no promises,
but maybe we'll be together by fate.

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