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by Shaara
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I wrote this because my friend, Iritegud, deserves a merit award for Friendship.
Written for a contest:

Write an essay. My friend deserves a Merit Badge because...."


Why writetightDeserves a Merit Badge

         I know a member of Writing.com who deserves many Merit Badges, but I shall attempt to earn him the one for Friendship. For although he is Supportive, gives to the Community, writes with meticulous Attention to Detail, and has Horror/Scary stories that raise your hairs and make you hide under the bedcovers, most importantly, he is my friend. I know him by his real name as do all his buddies for he is generous and giving to all, but on Writing.com this special person goes by the handle of writetight, or Writetight, and both names fit him perfectly.

         Let me tell you of this friend of mine who prowls the streets of Writing.com. He is a secret warrior of Indian descent. His bow and arrow lay buried in sand; his war pony no longer paws ground. Yet, writetight can be found in the heart of night, his fingers roving the keyboard, stroking words into life, breathing Shaman magic into the winds of the sky of words.

         I first met writetight in angry discord. He scalped my review of his story with the violence of his ancestral anger. If I had been closer than keyboard, my hair might have been chopped far shorter. Yet writetight put away his tommy hawk and smoked a peace pipe when he discovered that his was my first review. When he learned I was only an ignorant neophyte, he gave me a tour of Writing.com with gentle instructions and a great deal of advice.

         Since then writetight has guided me, inspired me, and corrected most of my pieces, whether poetry, essays, or stories. He has patiently taken me through an individualized class of instruction. I call it Ritegud 101. However, although he has proven to be a trusted friend, I must admit that there are many friends on Writing.com. It is a fertile ground for such kinship, but I tell you truthfully that there are none so worthy for such a ceremonial tribute. Iritegud is a chief among friends, one well deserving of this highest badge of tribal honor for writetight has been the friend of many. He has counseled literary mistakes, urged members into contest after contest, guided, driven, and woven his magic in a tapestry of design known only to a Shaman. writetight seems eager and willing to guide all through this forest of challenges. His patience is inexhaustible.

         Just yesterday writetight told me how he’d explained and illustrated once again the difference between show vs. tell for a young member who misunderstood and thought that writing was “plop it down, send it in and let the editor correct it.” writetight took the time to rewrite, analyze, and make clear what and why each correction was needed. Who else would have taken the time to clarify all that but someone whose totem was Friend?

         I urge all to read softly in the night when they stroll through the stories of Writing.com. One must beware for there are native Texans whose ancestors once proudly braved the elements of mystery. They are known as Shamans, the storytellers, the magic fusers, and they still roam on this site. They still gather the threads of tales of horror, and they weave spells on all who listen. They will freeze your warm blood and set your nightmares on the warpath. But if you hold out your hand and ask for the peace pipe, I know one who will tread softly on moccasined feet, holding out his open hand of friendship. And with whispered words of inspiration, he will guide you along the paths and into the woods of Writing.com.

         Thus, I have offered many reasons why writetightshould be honored with the symbol of his totem. I have written of his many services to all who requested his help. I have told of his guidance, instruction and friendship to me. For these reasons, I believe that I have thoroughly shown why writetight has earned and should be gifted with the Merit Badge of Friendship.


PS This essay earned him one. *Bigsmile*
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