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George Orwell's "1984" has come to life, and we need to stop it Now!
To all the people in this land of ours
Who think that they possess the power
To make up my mind and decide for me
What is best for my family, what is right for me

To those who think that I cannot function
Without their permission, can’t turn at a junction
Those who think I lack the power of deduction
You think I don’t see your evil corruption?

Who gave you the right to run my life?
Do you pay my bills, or feed my wife?
I don’t see you mowing my grass
You just take my tax money, and sit on your ass

Well I'm tired of this, of you thinking for me
Why don’t you get off my back, and let me be?
Quit making more laws, and taking my cash
You politicians are like a bad rash

Get out of my bedroom, stay out of my wallet
Quit “doing the right thing” or whatever you call it
Just concentrate on finding those serial killers
And maybe put the squeeze on these medical biller’s

What I do with my life is no business of yours
Go fight some real crimes, like teen-age gang wars
Thought control police are not what we need
You’re in the wrong job, you’re too filled with greed

Elected officials are meant to represent
The masses of people, from whom they were sent
A personal agenda was not part of the works
You were sent to do a job, not soak up the perks

So check your conscience and see if you’re right
Are you protecting our freedoms, and fighting the fight?
If you just ran for office to live off my check
Then you need to retire, and let us fix this wreck

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