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Hello, my name is Digory. Me and my cousins were going to meet at the water. Digory, Axel and Emnus were their names. We went to the woods. it was very scary in the woods. Emnus went to a tree. Axel did like so. "Digory, sit on the ground and watch out for orcs."

"Ok" said Digory, and Axel and Emnus went to bed. When Digory got up, he smelled something in the air. It was orcs, and they will attack when the fire goes out. Digory woke up Axel and Emnus.

Digory said to them, "Get ready" the orcs are going to attack." Digory went to shoot one of the orcs with his cross bow. "Axel, Emnus on 3 attack.

"Ok" said Axel and Emnus.

"1....2....3....go!" Blood flies in the air, a head went into the air, arms too.

We were done with the orcs. Ok said Digory,Emnus are you ok? Emnus said NO i am in pain.

We got out of the woods and we took Emnus to the doctor. We got there and we had to give 200 gold. Ok, said Axel and Digory.
Axel got a job. Digory did got a job to. sometime when they got back of work. Emnus was dead!!! The doctor said he died of lost of blood. Axel turn and walk away.
The doctor said take this,Ok said Axel and Digory. Axel try to give it to Emnus.
Ok they try too, all the the body got up. The eyes turned red and Emnus trun to them and start to fight them.
Digory said what should we do? I don't know said Axel.I think we should tired to tie him down.Maybe the potion wear off? said digory.I think so said the doctor,do you know how mach is the biil?The doctor said yes i know it is 250 gold what last time time it was 200 gold.
i will pay you olny if the potion waer off,if it does not i will kill you.
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