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Mike decides to chemically fatten his shipmates.
Heavy Seas

By: et_smash

Mike was in the Navy and was currently assigned to a sub tender. He had made rank rather quickly after graduating from “A” school. However once he had gotten to his ship he quickly took notice of the political games that were played, this being mostly from the females onboard the ship. Mike couldn’t stand that sort of shit. He had dealt with that bullshit all through high school and it looked to be no different here. The females onboard the ship were in a majority, which is a rare thing in the Navy. There were about 400 females compared to the 200 males on the ship. So it was no surprise to him that he was given all the shit jobs in his division, which was a great injustice in his eyes. He was intelligent and motivated, but all the good jobs went to the females in the division as well as onboard. Even female personnel that were junior to Mike were given better jobs.

As said before Mike was intelligent, IQ of 160, but he lacked discipline and direction. He loved physics and chemistry. He had his own sort of “Mad Scientist” lab in his apartment that he loved experimenting with, when he was not out to sea on the ship. He never planned on staying in the Navy; he just needed some time to figure out what his next step in life was. The GI bill was a pretty good extra as well.

Mike only had one person onboard he could call a friend Steve. Steve was a good guy, a little bit of a wise ass & trouble maker, but a good guy. Mike and Steve had one thing in common that brought them together. Steve and Mike were FA’s or fat admirers. They loved BBW and SSBBW, the bigger the better they thought. Mike had always thought he was alone in his love for bigger women. He didn’t realize, until he saw some of the pictures Steve had on his laptop. After that Steve showed him all the sites on the internet to go to.

The chat rooms, dating services, and groups opened a whole new world for Mike. It also gave him a direction as well. He started researching and working feverishly in his lab. Anytime he had off he was working, working on a formula, a formula that could change everyone’s view on fatness and obesity. He finally got it working on lab mice and guinea pigs. The formula Mike called BBX (bigger body extreme) made the mice and guinea pigs not only fatter it made them hungry 24/7. He needed to test it on humans though. He was racking his brain on this when Steve, who was in on the experiment simply suggested that he use it on the crew during the long deployment coming up.

“On the crew, Are you nuts?!” Mike replies.

“Yeah I’m nuts, but so what. Those jerks deserve it and at least we would have some BBWs and SSBBWs to look at.” Steve said.
“The only problem is how to get the crew to take it?” Steve says smiling.

“Well you have access to the potable water onboard, right? We’ll just add it there it dissolves completely in water, it has no smell or taste to it. No one would have a clue.” Mike states matter-of-factly.

“Yeah until they blow up like a Macy Day float.” Steve laughs. “So how long does it take before the first signs show up?” Steve asks.

“If all things follow as it has with the mice, 48 hours give or take a couple of hours. Then the process speeds up over the next 72 hours. The crew will double and in some cases triple their weight. After that they will eat as much as possible.” Mike says.

“Then it is settled we will start this experiment the day we leave on the deployment!” Steve proclaims.

“ One thing though, we will have to gain as well otherwise we will get caught.” Mike states.

“Man I don’t mind a little weight gain, but I can’t deal with being super sized.” Steve says.

“No worries! I have done some calculations and I am sure I can come up with some sort of blocker, a pill that should stop or reduce the rapid expansion and minimize the extreme hunger. It shouldn’t be bad at all, probably 50 pounds at the most.” Mike says. They stayed up the rest of the night making enough BBX to spread through the whole crew and working on the blocker pills for them both.


The ship got underway and their plan was put into motion. Steve went on his Sounding & Security rounds. He had two 16 oz. Bottles of BBX in his coveralls, more than enough for the whole crew. It looked like plain old bottled water. Steve had duplicate keys made for the locks on the potable water pipes days ago. When no one was looking Steve popped the lock and poured both bottles in the pipe. “So the countdown begins.” Steve laughs.

Two days later…. Mike is cleaning one of the passageways when he notices one of the females Sally, Sally is one of the yeomen. She is one of those “I don’t have to work out cause my metabolism is so high” types. Well he can see that that metabolism isn’t high any more. Her coveralls, which use to hang off her bony 90 pound body, were tight on her hips and belly area. She walked past munching on a jelly donut, and a bear claw in her other hand.

“Hey Sally! You seem a little hungry this morning.” Mike says smiling.

“Yeah it’s weird. I never seem to gain an ounce, but today is my lucky day. I feel incredible and I’m gaining weight. I only hope it keeps up.” Sally says as she walks off.

That’s weird Mike thinks. Sally isn’t mean to him as she normally is and she is happy…for gaining weight? BBX must have other affects that he didn’t calculate. Mike takes notice that you, and Steve have started to gain as well. Ten pounds at the most by lunch. The rest of the crew was another story. Everyone else was ballooning up. Guessing that most off the crew had gained 20 lbs, while some have gained up towards 35 lbs. Mike sees Sally going through the lunch line again with her friend Betty. Sally looked to be about 4 months pregnant with her gut pushing her coveralls way out. Betty was always a little chunky, about 135 lbs most of it in her 36D breasts though. Well now they were 44DD and they were pushing her coverall zipper way down. Betty’s butt seemed to come to life as she walked past.

“Man oh man. She could be a butt double for J-lo!” Steve whispers.

“How you feeling?” Mike asks Steve.

“I’m great! A little gain in my butt and legs, but nothing to bad. You?” Steve says.

“I’m cool. I’ll have a good gut when this is done, but nothing like these guys.” Mike says as he points out some of the guys in the crew with already huge beer guts.

The rest of the day goes by with a steady gain by the crew, but for some reason, no one cares or is alarmed. Everyone seems happy and they all seem to enjoying every pound they gain. Mike hits his rack early for some shut eye. He just can’t believe how quickly the crew is gaining. By his best guess the crews’ average weight gain is at 60 lbs. He can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow. Falling asleep he dreams of supersized sexy fat women.

Mike wakes up and notices his gut is a little bigger. Grabs his towel and heads to the showers. He walks in the head and views his new body in the mirror. There he gets a good look at a large beer belly with 2 good sized man boobs resting on it. Also he is sporting a double chin. At his best estimate he weighs 210, up 50 lbs from yesterday. The calculations are off. If the gain is 50 lbs in 24 hours, that means he'll and probably Steve will gain 100 lbs at the end of the third day. The door to the head opens and in walks Bill your LPO (leading petty officer) and he is huge. He weighed about the same as you did and now he was a least 260. He waddles in and says, “Good morning Mike. How are you doing this morning?”

“ Ahhh fine. I’m fine.” Mike says. Bill squeezes past into the shower stalls. Mike thinks, “ Man 100 lbs in one day! The crew as an avg. are going to gain 300 lbs in 72 hours.

Mike finishes his shower, towels off and heads up to the chow line. On his way to the line he runs into Sally. She is eating a candy bar at the back off the chow line. She is now weighing around 200 pounds, if not more. She has her coveralls tied around her waist and a t-shirt on. Her belly, which looks as if she is full term, is poking out under t-shirt. Her boobs have come a long way from the A cups they were. They are still small, compared to that belly of hers, but they are nice C cup.

“Hi Mike!” Sally says between bites. “I’m so hungry today. I think I’ll make 3 trips through the chow line this morning.” Sally says gleefully.

Mike feels someone bump into him from behind. “Oh I’m sorry.” He turns around and it is Betty eating a jumbo sized bag of pork rinds. Her breasts are massive! They’re like 2 watermelons resting on her little belly stretching her t-shirt out to its limits. Betty was wearing sweatpants, cause her ass was not gonna fit into any of her old coveralls. Her butt was on a coarse to pass Jennie as the best rear of the BBW models on the internet. At Mike's best guess Betty was over the 100 lb gain like most, she looked like she weighed 250 lbs. A 115 lb increase.

“ Betty, your looking good this morning.” Mike says.

“Muhhhh mmm! Thanks I think I ‘m filling out quite nicely.” She says while wolfing down on the pork rinds.

Just then Mike sees Steve coming down the p-way behind Betty, Mike almost gasps at the site of him. Steve gained about 50-70 lbs, but it was all in his hips, butt, and legs. He was becoming a bonified pear-shape. The lower half of his coveralls looked as if they were painted on. Steve started out weighing 175 lbs, from the looks of it he now weights 225+. Steve walks up and puts his hands on his new hips. Mike shrugs apologetically.

Mike makes it up to the front of the line and takes a gander at the feast before him. Never has he seen such a spread on the ship before. The cooks, who wear quiet large from eating while they cooked it appears, have gone all out. There was bacon, sausage, minced beef, biscuits and gravy, chocolate chip pancakes, syrup, eggs to order, donuts of all kind, pecan rolls, and coffeecake. All of it pilled high. Everyone in line was taking heavy portions of all the items before them. Mike feels his stomach growl. Mike then realizes he forgot to take a pill to down play the growth and hunger.

Looking at Steve he asks, “Hey do you have your pills with you?”

“No. I was hoping you brought yours. I left mine in the head last night and when I went to get them they were gone.” Steve sighed.
His hunger was taking over him like it was doing to you.

“If we don’t take these every day, twice a day for the 72 hours it will take control of us. We can’t miss one pill.” Mike whispers back to Steve.

“I can’t get out of line man. My stomach won’t let me. I have to eat, I’m so hungry.” Steve says.

“Yeah don’t go Steve eat with us.” Betty purrs as she grabs him and pulls him into her breasts.

Mike can see it in his eyes it’s too late for him the hunger has him. Mike turns around and the food seems to call his name. It is as if he doesn’t have control anymore. He tries to tell himself to leave, to go get the pills. He can’t though and it is too late. He grabs a tray and starts to pile on food. He orders a ham and cheese omelet. While the big bellied cooks make your order, Mike starts eating sausage links as fast as they will go into his mouth. They put his omelet on the tray and it covers the tray from end to end. The cheese is oozing out all over.

The fat faced female cook Ann says, “Eat up Mike. Looks like you could use a few more pounds.”

Mike keeps moving down the line piling on bear claws and pecan rolls. Sally waves Mike over to the table. So he sits down next to Sally with Steve and Betty close in tow. Everyone at the table has their trays piled high with food. Mike digs in to this wonderful feast. He can’t begin to describe the intense joy that he feels right now. It's as if he is on the brink of orgasm with every bite of food. Losing all track of time during this feeding. Hours, minutes he has no clue and doesn’t care to know. Mike is in total bliss. Everyone seems to eventually finish, after a few more trips through the line. Mike sits in the chair rubbing his very stuffed and round belly. He looks around the table. Steve and Betty are massaging each other’s bellies. Sally’s t-shirt has ridden up her very fat and pregnant looking belly. Her hands are rubbing all over her belly and she is moaning softly. Mike reaches over and helps her. “Oh Mike that feels sooo damn good.” Sally moans out.

Mike puts his tray in the scullery and is about to head to his shop for quarters when he hears the 1MC pipe up. “This is the Captain I have a schedule change. Due to our increase in food consumption, we are making a port stop in Hawaii for stores on load tomorrow. I am calling today holiday routine. If you are not on watch…eat up! I know I will be. That is all.”

Mike can’t believe it the BBX has changed everyone’s views on fatness. Mike, being more than a little tired after the gorging decides to take a nap in one of his divisional spaces. Curling up in a corner and drifting away in a peaceful sleep.

Mike wakes up to his stomach growling loudly. He looks at his watch, 1100. Lunch time he smiles. Getting up proves to be a little difficult. By Mikes best guess he has gained another 30 lbs. The belly takes most of the girth, with man boobs close behind. As he makes his way to the mess line, Mike notices all the hatches are dogged open. This is probably done so the crew can move easier throughout the ship. Ahead of Mike is his division officer Ensign Samuels. She is waddling towards the wardroom. She has gain about 150 lbs you figure. She was about 125 at 5’3” and now she is a waddling 275. Most of the weight is in her hips and belly.

“Afternoon Mrs. Samuels.” You say.

“Oh hello EN2. My. My. You are looking healthy today.” She says smiling wide.

“Awww Thank you ma’am you’re too kind.” Mike replies as he heads toward the back of the chow line.

Mike doesn’t see Steve anywhere. He gets in line and waits as it moves along. He sees the crew has just exploded with fat. Most are in shorts, t-shirts, robes, or whatever can fit their newly acquired girth. Most are reaching the 300 lb level, with some over that already. Like MS1 Wert, she was about 180 lbs before all this started. She had a big butt, wide hips and a double chin. Now she was at least 325 lbs. She was big all over. She was wearing a sweat suit and it was at its limits, her immense belly hanging out for all of us to enjoy. Mike was in lust, she was looking so beautiful munching away on some garlic toast, her jowls bouncing to the rhythm of her chewing. He grabs a tray and says, “Hello MS1. What grand meal have you prepared for us today?”

She smiles at him and says, “A special family recipe, a very fattening and delicious sauce.”

“Anything you make will be perfect I'm sure, just like your perfect body.” You say as you smile and wink as you pass through the line piling on food.

MS1 waddles over and says, “Here is a meal survey sweetie. Fill it out and return it to me in my office. I’ll be waiting for you.” She says blushing.

“You can count on it.” Mike replies. She turns and heads to her office, he watches her massive butt sway back and forth. Just before she reaches her office she turns and sees him staring, she blushes and walks in closing the door behind her.

Mike gets a table and start inhaling the food, all the delicious goodies that the cooks have whipped up flow into his mouth and right into your ever expanding gut. He isn't thinking of that, all he can think about is that Big Beautiful Woman MS1 Wert. He can hardly contain himself, to think she will only get bigger, at least one hundred and fifty pounds bigger. He finishes quicker than he thought he could, turns in his tray to the scullery and takes the meal evaluation to MS1.

He gets to the office and knocks on the door. “Come in.” He hears her say and enters the office. “Close and lock the door please.” MS1 says. He does as he's told. When he turns to her he sees that she has her sweat shirt top off and her t-shirt is barely covering her fat enhanced breasts. Her belly is out in the open fully exposed in all its glory. She is eating from a large mixing bowl.

“What do you got there?” Mike asks with a sly smile on his face.

"Oh just some butterscotch pudding I whipped up. How was the meal? Did it fill you up?” She asks.

“It was absolutely the best meal. I only wish there was some way I could repay you for such a feast.” Mike replies as he walks up to her and wipes some pudding from her third chin.

“Mmmmm. You could start by feeding me and massaging my belly.” She says in a husky voice. “Anything for you MS1...” “Call me Karen.” Karen says cutting you off.

“O.K. Karen. It would be my pleasure.” Mike replies.

Mike starts feeding Karen and rubbing her fat rolls, on her stomach. She is moaning with pleasure, which with every moan shakes her whole body. Making all the folds and rolls of fat on her jiggle and shake. Mike is getting hornier by the second; he has never been this hard before in his life. If he doesn't at least kiss her, he’ll explode. The bowl is about empty, so he leans in and kisses her deep and long. Mike pulls back and she grabs him and says, “What took you so long!?” Karen asks. He pulls her shirt over her head, exposing her watermelon breasts riding on that massive belly of hers. He starts sucking and licking her nipples. She starts rubbing his belly, lower and lower until she reaches his cock. “Hmmmm I found something else to fill me up.” She says coyly. Mike pulls his coveralls and underwear off. As she pulls her sweat pants off, along with her panties which were stretched to their limits. Mike now finally sees her in all her glory. Her paunch hanging over her pussy, her wide hips fattened outward. She looks at him and then bends over the table. Her enormous ass seemed to rise like a overflowing pill of bread dough. Mike moves her ass cheeks apart and steps into pure heaven. They make love several times, until they both collapse from exhaustion.

They are both are getting dressed and Mike asks, “Can I see you when we pull into port tomorrow?”

“You can see me tonight after the dinner meal is done lover-boy!” Karen says rubbing your belly. Mike walks out of the office smiling from ear to ear. He heads out to the fantail to get some fresh air, looking about he spots Steve out there with Betty. Steve is wearing Betty’s civilian clothes. He’s wearing Capri stretch pants and a t-shirt. Mike sees why though. His ass and hips are huge. He has gained very little weight up top, unlike himself with his big belly and man boobs. At Mike’s best guess he would say his weight is up to 260. With a 80 inch rear.

Betty hugs Steve and heads in the ship. “You two seem to be hitting it off.” Mike says.

“Yeah she is a hot one and she is only gonna get hotter.” Steve replies with a wicked grin.

“Betty let me weigh and measure her after dinner and she is up to 279 lbs. Her measurements are 65-40-50.” Steve beams.
“Everyone, including us will gain about another 120 lbs by tomorrow.” Mike says.

“Well I guess we now know BBX works. What’s next?” Steve asks.

“The way things are going on the ship here, we aren’t leaving Hawaii anytime soon. I have gallons worth of BBX stored in my locker. I think Hawaii is going to get a BIG surprise in 2 ½ days.” Mike says laughing.

To be continued………
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