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Wrote it while pondering the use of the words gramatically...

The words: "I, Me and Mine
what do they mean at the bottom line?
I as in: "If I love you,
you must love ME too."
let's elope,
please say I do."

Is it the I that always thinks
before he drinks.
Knows what's on his plate,
and has never been late.
Makes no mistakes,
and plays for high stakes?

Or is it an unsecured Me
who can never see,
that it takes very little
to become like the Beatles,
but would rather stay low
for fear of enemy or foe?

I thought the Mine part of this,
is quite simple - not HIS!
Between what's his - is Mine
and what's Mine is fine,
a thin line of semantics lies and
love through the window flies…

So here is what I want to know,
How many I's can in one person grow?
How to tell between Mine and his,
and when I say Me, do I feel at ease?
I looked it up in a grammar book,
nothing was there I have overlooked.

My head is throbbing just now,
I need an answer before taking my bow.
To my opening lines, I'll go again,
give me a clue, simple and plain:
The words: "I, Me and Mine
what do they mean at the bottom line?"

Hanna © May 2003

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