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Emotion of love and personification
Waking sullenly from a restless dream,
In the moonlight I silently rose.
Fearful to disturb her peaceful sleep,
When my heart abruptly froze.

The space next to me lay empty,
Where she had lain before.
I had watched her earlier, soft asleep,
And wanted nothing more.

Throwing some clothes on I wondered,
Of wherever she might be.
My thoughts accompanied in perfect tune,
By the sounds of the summer sea.

Walking through the house I searched,
Only to find I was alone.
As outside the house, the sea whispered,
As I saw the churning foam.

Resigning myself to my thoughts,
I took a walk along the shore.
Watching the moon shine off the sea,
As waves crashed off the moor.

Then I spied her, swimming alone,
Small, in the dark night’s sea.
She must have noticed, for she paused,
Then shouted joyously to me.

The moon shone off her porcelain skin,
Her dark hair moved with no sound.
As I watched her, silently move to me,
I marveled at what I had found.

You see, some aspire to greatness,
Fame and fortune…contentment’s key.
For me, I know there is a heaven,
She swims by night, in the silent sea.
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