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A warning about what is happening in our world

There once lived a Monster
Deep under the sea.
It thrived on world's beauty,
Had it with his tea...

One moonless and wet night,
He came out to feed.
Every shred of beauty,
Gobbled up with greed.

First to lose their glory,
Were blue streams and lakes.
Water turned polluted,
Algae crawled like snakes.

Mountains and vast valleys,
Deprived of their greens.
Nothing left behind but
Dry and pallid scenes.

All the towns and cities,
Lost the grace they had.
Grey cement was added,
Folks became quite mad.

When the land was barren,
Monster craved more food.
He turned then to humans,
Gorging what was good.

Innocence of children,
Next upon his sights.
Little girls, twelve years old,
Hustling in the night.

Women lost their beauty,
Men lost shape and form.
In the end, no one could
Fit into the 'norm'.

Ladies were so thin then,
Barely saw their breasts.
Man were fat and lazy,
Failing fitness tests.

In the schools Monster found,
Knowledge, joy and fun.
He's taken that away,
Each desk holds a gun.

Monster ate all he could,
Nothing's left behind.
If you think he's a myth,
look at all mankind...

Hanna © May 2003
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