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Rated: ASR · Article · Horror/Scary · #727911
Look out for the graves hold more in them than you think they do.
The lifeless leaves crunched as he climbed the stairs of the cemetery. Looking around him, the branches of the dead trees tried to stop him from entering,their barks moaned as he passed through the eerie place. The huge roots sticking out of the ground seemed to hold the occupants of the grave.
"Oooo...,"a moan shifted from his mouth as Billy stumbled over an old gravestone."The grey light of the moon reflecting off the tombstones formed a scene which seemed to be right out of a horror movie.His lungs filled with the stale air as he drew his breath in, it smelled of death, as it swished past the leaf-less branches howling ,"is it somekind of a warning?"Billy thought but then waved back his own idea."don't get silly you are imagining things" he muttered to himself. As he looked at the moss-covered tombstones he had the sudden urge to run and never to return. But then anger replaced fear and he resolved that he would do it, they would have to pay those who made him suffer will suffer, yes it was time for payback. A wicked grin spread on his face as he reached the highest tombstone glistening in the light of the full moon.
He kneeled down and placed all the candles in a circle. He could hear the howling dogs as he opened the dusty, old book. The dust from the cover made him cough. He began chanting the spell his eyes tightly closed. Suddenly he felt something heavy dropping in his stomach and he abruptly opened his eyes. The candles went out leaving Billy in total darkness. He could hear himself breathing, he relaxed and a grin spread on his face, YES, now he would get what he always wanted revenge.The demon he had unleashed would avenge him, he smiled to himself, when suddenly something touched his shoulder he turned around and screamed and screamed and screamed.......
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/727911-THE--HORROR-OF-THE-COLD-CEMETERY