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A woman wonders. Love is steady, but romance seems fleeting.
Love, Do You Remember Love

The stars are so near and bright they look as if you could reach up and touch them. I feel the barest whisper of a breeze and I remember another night long ago. Love, do you remember love?
Do you remember starry nights, moonlit nights and whispers in the dark? Do you remember the way your breath caressed my neck as you whispered words of love to me? The years of our youth have so quickly spent. Now the days are taken with everyday mundane affairs. The nights are long and we are weary, but, I wonder, Love, do you remember love?

I know you love me. A hundred ways; I could not count all the ways you show me everyday. No lack of being told. I am sure. I am reassured, but, Love, do you remember love?

I remember walking in the rain, long talks, holding hands. I remember the way you used to brush my hair, lazy days, winter days and playing in the snow; little things, special things that made our hearts glow. I remember cotton candy, picking flowers, talking on the phone for hours, dates that were just ours. Love, do you remember love?

I remember sleeping under the stars by a babbling brook, picnics with birds that would sing a concerto just for us. I remember sipping red wine, whispering our heart’s desires, lazy nights sitting by the fire. So many thoughts, so many memories. I remember satin sheets and listening to thunder and rain as you held me close. You are mine and I am yours but I wonder, Love, do you remember love?

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