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a slightly satirical star trek poem
Red alert, shields up, Captain to the bridge
viewscreen on, we're being scanned, Klingons have a ridge

Go to warp, no drop out, I'm being split in two
Help me spock, come on bones, am I good or bad to you?

Beam me down first, send some redshirts, I need a buffer zone
On second thought, did you see that Girl? send me down alone

Doc,you sure you saw a bunny? Which way did it go?
Jim, I'm sure I saw a bunny, it went down a hole
Bones, I think you're seeing things, a bunny down a hole?
Jim, it's personal with that rabbit, finding it's my goal

Edith Keeler, she must die, it's the only way
McCoys involved, I cannot lie, we can't get in the way
Damn it Spock, I love that Girl, I don't know what to do
Doc's a Doctor, not a killer, perhaps it won't come true

You have my request, it's yes or no, I need nothing more from you!
Spock you're just a tad bit green, something I can do?
Jim!!! a smile of pure delight, a friendly shoulder grab
I shot him full of prannilyte, T'Pow will sure be mad

Who am I, where am I, what's this pyramid?
Cool, I think I saved the planet, time to have a kid
Not all seeing, not all knowing, not even a swami
If I was, or even close, no rocks for Miramani

I can't walk, can hardly talk, can vaguely see the screen
I'm still fit, I feel strong, I'm heading up this team
Jim, you know you can't command, the situation's grim
Captain, If I've got this right, You need adrenaline

Yellow alert, shields down, contact starfleet command
Mr Sulu, Mr Checkov, I think you're just grand
Scotty, not to leave you out, I need your help again
Cap'n, she's about ta blow, I've packed the redshirts in
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