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by Nelly
Rated: 13+ · Non-fiction · Adult · #732677
This is a true story about a hurt man, who takes his revenge for being cheated on.
Zach and Tanaya knew each other since high school they were best friends and from friendship they ended up in a relationship but things didn't work out to well when she broke up with him and ended the relationship to go to Louisiana. Zach was heartbroken she was doin it but he just thought of it as being the best so he kept his emotions and told her he'd still love her and she left.Two years past of him being alone in Atlanta and he finally realized that he couldn't live without her and he loved her so he called her up and said he'd bought the next ticket for her to atlanta, so she could come and have some fun and maybe reunite. Tanaya excepted and came over to Atlanta, it was the best time she ever had cause she was pampered, she was in a good hotel, Zach used over $16,000 for her and then a week passed by and she went back to Louisiana and this time he was so happy cause he missed her and he got to reunite, face his emotion and love her not knowin he had a lot coming for him when 5 days later Tanaya called and said she was engaged to be married, he felt foolish, hurt, he was in total shock, he couldnt belive Tanaya would play him like that, So he came up with a plan not too bright but it would do as long as Tanaya would be the one to loose, He travelled to Louisiana and he came with a gun, With tears in his eye he knew what he'd was going to do was wrong but he still did it As he walked in with the gun and he saw Tanaya and her fiance Roger he was filled with rage So he carried out the first plan and he shot Roger and took the gun and started contemplating if he'd shoot Tanaya, after her beggin and crying, he looked at her ad started getting weak but he couldnt stop now if he did his life was finshed he'd be in death row in a gippy so he carried out through the precision and shot Tanaya then he took the last bullet and killed himself.
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