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We never know what life will bring
As I stand on the night edge of today,
I glance over my shouder at the path I trod.
I don't know what potholes I missed
Because an unseen hand led me safely past.
I don't know what extra burden
My shoulders never carried
Because He took the heavy load off my back.
But I knew the taste of sunshine on my face,
The gentle brush of my husband's touch,
Laughter that lightened sorrow's shroud.

As I stare toward tomorrow's future,
I don't know what joys or horrors hide
Behind the mountains or in the valleys
Spread beyond my limited sight.
I don't know what pain I'll have to face.
I don't even know who will be by my side.
But I know who will guide me,
And I will never be completely alone.
I know smiles and boyish grins await
And moments I forever more will treasure.
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