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A poem, based on real life, of a guy I used to like, and still do. Please R&R!
I love you

I remember that day, the day we first met
A day in my life I’ll never forget.
Your beautiful smile, your big, brown eyes
The sweet things you said, but they were all lies.

We had a connection right from the start,
Us, me and you, I never wanted to part.
Everyone asked me what I saw in you,
But to me it seemed as if they had all knew.

Your shiny, dark hair, your mocha, soft skin,
You just made my head and heart spin.
When ever beside you my knees were weak
My heart was beating fast, I was almost feeling sick.

I remember one day, in music class it was
You smiled at me, the world was at a pause.
Oh, that beautiful smile I will never forget.
Soon enough though that day I’ll always regret.

I fell for you that day, head over heels,
Maybe that is how real love feels.
Maybe not, but what did I know
The way you acted was it all a show?

I thought you felt the same but I was so wrong,
But how could that be when I felt so strong.
Your pretended to like me, pretended to care
Life sometimes is just so damn unfair.

I am so young, so gullible, so trusting, such a fool
But the world sometime is so terribly cruel.
You said those words to me, but what did you gain?
Every night and day I still feel the pain.

I cried that night, and every night after that,
All because you said I was a little too fat.
Maybe you were right, you I couldn’t blame
But things between us will never be the same.

You never realized how much you've hurt me
But this time around you, I just wanted to flee.
Its been two years now, but I still feel the hurt
I still remember how in class we always used to flirt.

Someone like you I’ve always wanted to find,
But this moment will always be in the back of my mind.
You changed me forever, how you’ll never know
Sadly enough, my love for you just seemed to grow.

Chris, my love, you’ve hurt me so much,
And yet I still yearned and longed for your touch.
You never really knew me, never saw me through.
Because if you did, my darling, you’d see I never got over you.

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