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Free verse about a famous TV cook
Yan Can Cook?
(spoken in broken English)

First, you need phone number of missy.
Yeah! You get number and call her on phone
“Whatsuppp . . . whatchudoin’, hawney?”
This turn American girl on very much.
Then, you tell her,
“I like you real good. Give it to me ba-by!”
I tell you, this work everytime!
Then go to house, where she live.
Pet her pussy on front porch.
Rub it -- and scratch it -- ‘til it purrs for you.
Then knock on door and say, “I found your cat, ‘rady!”
She sees you. She sees cat.
Cat happy. Girl happy. Everybody happy.
Now, here is tricky part . . .
Roll tongue ‘round mouth and say,
“I like pussy very much. Back home we eat it.”
Awww, you cookin’ now.

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