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by Archie
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Norfolk City Councilman Randy Wright seems not to care for what the people want.
Very interesting story in this morning's Virginian-Pilot, Mr. Wright. You seem to forget that the bottom line is not that "the current structure is working," as you so blithely stated. The bottom line, Mr. Wright, Mr. Elected official, is that a vast majority of citizens in Norfolk told you they wanted it another way.

I am getting perturbed at your increasingly obvious disdain for citizen input. Do you take lessons from Mr. Fraim, or he from you? First your attitude that letters from citizens are somehow unworthy of consideration, that they are merely hindrances to the work of government. May I remind you it is Our government; we are the people spoken of in the Preamble to the Constitution. Now we have the "Bottom Line" quote in today's story about electing a mayor. Hell, Randy Wright, just get yourself named as dictator of Norfolk. Will that satisfy you? I doubt it.

You, sir, are in office to serve the people of Norfolk. It is not a position for personal aggrandizement, which is the feeling I get whenever I see you in person, whenever I read your comments, or whenever I read about your shenanigans to belittle the will of the people, belittling the people themselves.

Now, let's evaluate of the audacity of Council as a whole. The issue of electing a mayor won't even be discussed at the upcoming Council Retreat? What hubris! I want council to move ahead on this issue. A very large number of my fellow citizens want council to move ahead on this issue. You asked the people; the people responded, and now I am looking for some activity in the direction we, the voters, indicated we want you to go.

Instead of taking lessons from Mr. Fraim, Mr. Wright, you should take lessons from Ms. Daun Hester, who truly does seem to have a head on her shoulders and a desire to use that head to serve the people of Norfolk.

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