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Natalie is alone in the haunted hallway! It's dark and scary and there are monsters!
Natalie crept down the dark, dusty hallway. It smelled of old wood and dog hair. The flashlight gave a treacherous flicker. Her breath trembled and her heart pounded. A menacing creak sounded behind her, and she waved her feeble light in its direction, but nothing was there.

A tear slipped down her face. She had never been so afraid.

At the end of the hallway, her light dimmed again. A groan sounded in the room to her left. She stood in the doorway, trying to force herself to go on – she wanted to do this, after all. Natalie thought she was brave.

Lightning flashed – she hadn’t noticed the storm – the room was illuminated briefly. Natalie shrieked at the tall figure that loomed toward her with its arms outstretched. She fell – her light clattered, the batteries fell out and rolled away. She was really alone now. Natalie covered her head. In school they had taught her to do that when something bad was happening. This was bad. She trembled – she could hardly breathe. Hot tears ran down her cheeks.

Lightning flashed again. The monster was closer. She hoped it wasn't a vampire. Or a zombie. Something clattered behind her. She peeked under her arm. There was another monster. It was smaller. She cried harder and curled up tighter.

Suddenly the light snapped on. Natalie blinked wetly in the sudden brightness and the big monster scooped her into his arms.

"Daddy!" Natalie laughed as her parents kissed her.

Words: 246

Captain Colossal

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