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by Zaring
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New Law in Texas 9-21-03
Well I wrote and posted signs on 9-20-03 on 9-21-03 Gaye informs me that the new law in this state tells us that we no longer have freedom of expression on the license plates covers.

Now let me ask you something here, if you go out to your vehicle and look at you license plate, do you not have something around it? Where you bought it, is their logo around your plate? Do you have a special one that you purchased to put around your plate making some statement about who you are and what you like to do? (Rather be fishin' type of thing)

Well, if you are in Texas, and if this statement, or logo covers any part of TEXAS at the top of the plate or Lone Star State at the bottom of the plate, you are now illegal and if an officer pulls you over to inform you that you are now illegal, it will cost you $250.00 to find this out by the officer...

Another freedom lost, but I hope it saves you some money to get this info from me instead of a law enforcement officer informing you while you are getting the ticket...

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