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Character Introduction

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The headlights of the car illuminated the sign standing in the middle of the street. Apparently the road was closed.

"How strange? I didn't heard nothing about it being under construction. At least not on this weekend."

Mark Sherwood was coming from a conference held in a hotel about three hours away from home. After recieving a promotion, one of his new responsibilities was to attend to all that boring stuff. Even thou it all started on a Friday, very early in the morning, what made it ok, was that he didn't had to spend a dime. It was all included in the package. Even the hotel room. On Sunday, just after the conference, instead of packing all his stuff, he decided to stay for a couple of more hours at his room, enjoying the company of the beautiful woman who promoted him. It was 2:00am and the perfect excuse for her to be late that nitht, was going to be that the conference delayed a little bit more. She knew that her husband would buy it all, like he always did. For Mark, it was all a game. He wasn't in love with her, and all he wanted was to take advantage of all the privileges that she had around the company. After kissing her goodbye, he got into his car and drove away.

It was almost 5:00 am when he arrived to the detour. The sign that was blocking the road, pointed to the left side of the street. It was old, rusted, and full of holes. It seemed like it had been shot like a million of times. Even thou it was a little strange, he didn't had other option, but to follow the arrow. A whole hour of driving was still ahead of him, and even thou he felt tired, he went on. As he pressed the accelerator, the lights reflecting on the sign began to dime little by little with each turn of the wheel, but for some strange reason, they didn't illuminated the road. Instead, all they could reveal was a bunch of trees, that seemed to hug like skeletons in the darkness. For Mark, it was impossible to believe that there was a sign pointing into a direction where there was no road. As he was getting closer, he felt how the car stepped out of the main street, to end up into a bumpy road. As he went on, he saw as if the trees were moving backwards to reveal him the road. Mark thought that what he saw was just a part of his imagination playing tricks on him.

"I'm just to tired to be driving. Maybe I had too much to drink."

The road was hard to distinguish and it was extremely dark. Because of this, all the branches of the trees looked like rotten arms reaching out. Even thou he had to turn on the high beams, he continued the ride through the dusty road. Mark decided to turn on the radio to keep his mind occupied. he didn't wanted to fall asleep. After about 15 minutes later, the radio began to mal function until it didn't work at all. He tried to search for another station, but it was all in vane.

"Damned! I left the CD's at home."

Soon the exhaustion began to beat him, until he was divagating between Morpheus and the real world. Minutes later, a scream coming out of the speakers of the car, brought him back to reality. As soon as he opened his eyes he saw a silhouette standing right in the middle of the road. Trying to evader it, he made a sudden turn to the right. At that same moment, another scream was heard, but this time, coming out of the opened mouth of Mark, as he noticed the huge tree standing a few seconds away from the car...

"Where am I?" - asked Mark, realizing that he didn't know where he was. It was such a dark place. The only light that brightened the scene was the one entering between the pieces of wood that covered the windows. The light seemed to be dirty with all the dust that it carried. He was laying down over a wooden bench, like one of those that are found inside of a church. He realized that he was right, as soon as he saw a big cross hanging by two chains incrusted on the wall. There was an altar in front of it, illuminated by the light that entered through one of those holes. Mark noticed that the cross was made out of steel. It looked just like the sign in the middle of the road. Old, rusted, and full of holes. It was also surrounded by pieces of wire. Wondering about what he saw, he got up from the bench and walked towards it, to have a better look. When he reached the altar, that was also made of steel, he noticed that it was full of stains, that looked exactly like dried blood. As he moved towards the cross, he realized that what he though as wire, was in fact barb wire, with pieces of fabric and skin attached to different parts of it. Horrified by what he saw, he turned around, but instead of running, he couldn't even move a muscle. His heart was bitting so fast that it felt as it was going to explode out of his chest. There was a person, sitting on a bench, facing down into his knees. It appeared to be praying. Mark thought that he was completly alone. Since he woke up, he didn't saw nobody else. He didn't even heard someone coming in. The church appeared to be abandoned, and he could sworn that he didn't noticed a person sitting on that bench before, while he was walking towards the altar minutes ago. In search of an answer, he began to talk from where he was standing.

"Oh my god! You scared the hell out of me. Can you help me? I don't have a clue of where I am. I can't even recall how I ended up in this place. Excuse me, can you help me?" - he asked, but the person didn't replied. As he approached the bench, he realized that the person was indeed a man. His clothes were old and dirty. Mark stood right beside him and said -

"Excuse me, I need help. Can you tell me where I am? - but again there was no answer. Trying to capture the attention of the man, he extended his arm to touch his shoulder.

"Sir- are you ok---"

At that same moment, the man fell into the floor. Mark tried to scream, but no sound came out of his mouth. Only two holes were seen where the eyes were supposed to be. On his mouth, a silent scream was frozen in time. A scream just like the one trying to come out of Mark's mouth...

Horror Group

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If you want to be a member of the group and it's campfire, you can contact me or my wife Winnie
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