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The Best Age

September 2003

The best age to be is not any of the ones I've been before. Any age is only twelve months long. No matter which one I'd choose, it's only going to run out of time, anyway. We aren't here on earth to remain young. We are here to grow, to age, and to die.

Therefore, the best age is the one I'll be on the day I leave this planet for good. That will be the age I see Jesus. Every day is twenty four hours closer to that destination. Since I cannot hurry time, now is the best age to be. Next year I'll be another year older, if I live another twelve months. If I do, that will be the best age to be.

There are those who pine to be a child again when life was carefree and full of fun. Without the worries of adulthood, a child knows nothing but blissful living.

Others pine to be young adults when maturity is a novelty and authority is brand-new. Suddenly they are in charge of their lives, in control of their futures, and their skin is tight and pretty. The whole world is in their command.

Yet, even if I had the knowledge I have today, and all the experiences in life that are behind me now, and every advantage maturity, wisdom, and understanding have to offer, along with the skills I've honed through time, and the talent I've developed through the years, I would still choose not to go back in time.

I've worked hard at becoming who I am today. I would not forfeit one day of my life to chance another childhood or to be a young adult again. In time, I would only end up here again, anyway, where I am now facing the golden years; the winter of my life.

I'm ready for it now, as I will be ready for it in the future as it brings me ever closer to that perfect age, because, after all, the best age is yet to come.
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