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Inspired by the antics of 6 week old kittens
That speck of stuff there on the ground,
Upon it I must surely bound.
It might jump up and start a fight,
I really kind of hope it might.

Oh wait, but look, why silly me,
Instead I need to climb this tree!
I do, I do, so swiftly claws,
Dig in that bark, help lift my paws.

But no look down, oh darn, see that?
I do believe it's one more cat!
Get down! Oh quick, oh shoot, oh splat
I didn't mean go down like THAT!

But no harm done I'm here! Where's you?
You're gone I guess, but there's a shoe!
I jump on you oh silly thing,
Oooh, even better, look it's string!

But wait, oh no, this leaf right there,
I know it wants me on a dare,
I'll tear it with my mighty claws,
Uh oh, but no, it's time to pause.

There's something over there I spy,
It's caught my teeny, tiny eye,
It's bigger than a bug I see,
I'll run real quick, it won't catch me!

But now this rhyme must find its end,
For kitty's energy did bend,
All of this rush did suddenly cause,
A head to fall asleep on paws.
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