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God is a God of love, but also a God of justice. When is it too late to find Him?
It's true, God is a God of love and mercy. He tells us this in His Word (*Romans 5:8). But, there comes a time when it's too late to try and find Him. He tells us His Spirit will not always strive with man (Gen. 6:3), He also tells us that there will come a time when man shall seek His face and not find Him (Prov. 1:28). Here, then, is a fictional account of Too Late.


Have you ever wanted to ignore the laws and so-called "morales" of the common masses? I mean, really, what good are they? For years I've advocated that morals, especially, are a self-imposed noose humanity has hung around its own neck and tried to pretty up by proclaiming they come from some superior being they label "God".

Well, I long ago shed that noose of false morality. It was the most liberating thing I've ever done. Once you do that, it's easy to realize that the laws made to govern the common masses no longer apply to you. You've risen above the triteness of God and religion and morals. It's suprising what a burden all that ridiculousness can be.

Now, Darwin, he was on to something with his "Survival Of The Fittest" theory. I subscribed emphatically to that theory all my life long. The "fittest" today means the most intelligent and wealthiest. Knowledge, after all, is power. As for amassing wealth, I can only say most people are foolish enough to pay any amount for what they want or believe they need.

Anyway, I chose law as my career. Criminal law, to be specific. The best way to know how to circumvent a thing is to learn all about it, front to back. Remember, I told you knowledge is power? Well, I was very powerful.

Once you've learned what the common masses believe are their laws it's easy to use those self-same laws as a shield of invisibility. To hide in the shadows, doing anything you want to whomever you choose. Ruin a reputation or a life at a whim. Steal, plunder, rape, murder, all of it. It's at your fingertips once you're no longer inhibited by ridiculous "morality".

Oh, there are those who try that old line "what goes around comes around", but it never did. I love rubbing their noses in that. Then there are the overly pious few who haven't the intelligence to free themselves from the crutch of religion so they turn to this foolish notion of an all-knowing, all-seeing God as an excuse to live within propriety and law. They always say "God will take care of it" when something happens they don't like or agree with.

Easy enough to ignore these "Christians" since those who really are intelligent don't believe in God, let alone an actual heaven or hell. My heaven has always been making life hell for others.

In the final analysis, I believe I've won more than I've lost. The very few times I've ever been caught breaking the mundane laws of the land I've been able to get right back out of it. That knowledge of criminal law was extremely handy. Not to mention the amazing things money and fear can accomplish. Even out right murder, when necessary. There were some fools who clung to that notion of morality and refused to be bribed or intimidated you see.

Now my life is nearly over. Soon I'll breathe my last. They'll plant this old carcass in the ground and it'll be over, though you'd have me believe otherwise. You would have me believe this mythical, Judeo-Christian God is waiting to hand me my eternal punishment. Well, I've caught you this time.

This God you purport to believe in and serve is supposed to be a God of love. A loving God could never send someone to this so-called Lake of Fire.

A Just God? A Holy God? A God intolerant of sin? Bah! What is sin? Knowingly doing wrong, eh? Again I say Bah!

You're simply jealous of my freedom, the way I lived life on my own terms. No one to answer to but myself. You're trying to ruin my last few minutes of life by attempting to make me feel guilt over my actions and telling me I'll have to face this God you believe in.

Well, I don't believe you and I refuse to believe there's some All-Powerful Being that can't be seen, heard, or touched. Really? He's too Holy for sinful humans to look upon? How very convenient. Get out! If you persist in your foolishness, I'll not have you disrupt my death with your contradictory beliefs. I...

What's that? Over there, behind the chair. I see... something. It's dark and ripples about the edges and... Look! It has eyes! Eyes that burn! Eyes that flame and tear at my soul! Make it stop! Make it stopmakeitstopmakeitstop!

No, it won't stop, will it? It'll never stop. It'll be like this forever. NO! Where is your God!? Where is He!

Oh, GOD!


"And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire." Revelation 20:15 KJV

*All Scripture taken from the King James version.
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