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I can only guess what goes on in those minds..
I'll lay here and you lay there,
We'll lick and clean our fluffy hair.
What IS this thing attached back here?
Oh, THAT's a leg? OK I'm clear.

Now I'm all clean, I think I'll sleep,
That's just a ruse to fool you deep.
For when you think the coast is clear?
I'll pounce on you and bap your ear!

I'll wrestle you, you wrestle me,
Don't you love this rivalry?
I'll grab you in a full-fledged lock,
You'll act all mad, but heck, you're not.

Cuz soon enough you let me go,
You lick my face and purr just so.
It looks to others like we fight,
But we're best buds so it's all right.

I'm really glad that you're my brother,
I wouldn't want to have another.
They could have stuck me all alone,
When they brought me to this brand new home.

Instead they took us both inside,
To in their cozy barn reside.
It's warm and fun in our new house,
Bet soon we'll catch our own first mouse!

But day is done, we're pooped let's sleep,
Upon this soft plump bed so neat.
Course being small and tired critters,
Explains dozing off in the kitty litter.
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