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A man reflects on a way of life

He rode high up on the mountain
Lookin' down onto the krills,
And he knew this was his place
All was quiet and calm and still.

Morning sun was just a peekin'
From the east real bright and strong,
And he heard the cows a stirrin'
Knew the day loomed hot and long.

But right now he had this moment
To reflect and sit and pause,
On how blessed he was to be here
With just his horse, the sky and God.

Real life found him in business
Making calls and keeping time;
Pushing paper 'stead of cattle,
Bein' stressed most all the time.

But twice a year he left it back there,
Drove two days and found his mind;
Let his heart climb on his pony,
Left the hassle far behind.

He didn't play no drugstore cowboy
Worked his heart out with the rest,
Full of try and guts and courage
He worked the cattle with the best.

Almost time to head back home now
Leave the dream and play the game,
That's why he'd come here on this morning
Just to pause and say a prayer.

Took his hat off of his head
Laid his reins down soft and low,
Looked at what laid out before him
Bowed his head and talked real slow,

"Thank you God for these good friendships
And the chance to play a part
In a way of life that's leaving
But still speaks right to my heart.

I know the world is changing
Not much more time for real Cowboys,
But their pulse still pounds these ranges
Their horses hooves echo the sky.

Thank you God for this good morning
And the chance to let you know,
That I don't take this all for granted,
Only wish it weren't time to go"

He reached down and rubbed his horse some,
Put his hat back on his head,
Took the reins and turned back softly
As the sun rose overhead.

But as he rode on down that mountain
What calls him back stays on the wind -
The Wyoming range keeps safe the spirit,
Of the Cowboy he once had been.
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